ADHD Thinking: Solutions from Within

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July 13, 2014
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July 27, 2014

ADHD Thinking: Solutions from Within

Guest Post By:  Jeff Copper

Where Do You Look For Solutions?

bookstoreIs the self-help section of the bookstore the place where you will stumble upon the solution you are seeking? I will say it emphatically, NO!   Those self-help books are filled with steps, exercises, top tips, – the list goes on and on. Browsing through the book titles, how will you decide which method is going to work for you? The answer is: you can't, and you're left with no solutions and less money.

We have a problem here if you miss this key next step…

Deviating from the Mean

For about 33% of us, the standard, mainstream solutions will not work. No matter how hard we try. 33% is a big number. Let me illustrate why this is so with the science of statistics. Yuck, right? 😕

Bear with me and follow the logic to learn why the solution to your attention issues may elude you, no matter how determined you are.  Jeff Copper picture 2Scientifically, we know if we take, for example, 35 observations (n=35+) and run a regression analysis, we get a bell curve (see diagram).

Statistically, two thirds (68%) of observations, in our case solutions, fall within what is called one standard deviation of the mean. Metaphorically, we'll label this portion of the bell curve as the Top 10 List.

Economically, an incentive is created to sell solutions in the top 10 list, simply because your target audience is larger. This is why about a third of all solutions never get marketed and into bookstores.Jeff Copper pic 3 So, if the obvious solutions (the top 10 list) are not working there is a good chance your solution is in the 32% that doesn’t show up in the self-help section of the bookstore. (see the second diagram)

How: Solutions

Okay, so now we know that we aren’t in the 68% group, so how are we going to find the solution that works?

I have a novel idea – start with your Brain!

That’s right. Let’s go directly to the source. Your brain is wired to instinctively organize and process information in a manner that is completely unique to you. Your brain is automatically customized to the reality of your own life experiences.

Key Hint: Most of us remain significantly unaware of how our brain is operating day-to-day. Many don't think about the thinking process. However, if we observe the instinctual mechanisms of our brain and how our brain naturally processes information; we can begin to see patterns and systems.

Rather than trying to retrain your brain, we use these brain function observations to create mindful solutions. If you study attention and learn to observe your brain, you can discover how your mind works and then you can duplicate the process in the physical world. In other words, you learn to work with your brain and not against it. This makes it much easier to find and implement real world solutions for anyone – and especially those suffering with ADHD.

Witness: Your Mind

The new word for observing your brain's activity, your brain's attention and inattention,  is metacognition – which loosely translates into thinking about thinking. A better definition is witnessing what and how your mind pays attention to stimuli, objects, things, tasks, etc. For additional understanding on the subject of ADHD thinking and metacognition please view my interview with psychologist Ari Tuckman here:


Ari and Jeff Discuss ADHD | Metacognition Video 13:38 min.


More Useful Specifics Here

To learn more about attention and this process of metacognition, you can download our free Abook (A is for Attention!) by clicking here. You may also explore other information and resources on our website,

Drop a line below to let me know what you think about these personal metacognitive tools in your new Abook! Take the time to make effort in this new direction, and you will soon find solutions that work for you!

Have a super summer!
Jeff Copper – ADHD Coach | Dig Coaching

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Ed note: Jeff is a stand up guy in this remarkably controversial ADHD world. I appreciate this posting and all the serious work Jeff regularly provides for the international public. Jeff's specialty: useful insights for the next neuroscientifically relevant steps regarding the diagnosis and treatment of Executive Function Challenges.

Thanks for contributing Jeff!

Dr Charles Parker
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  3. Kyle Newby says:

    Dr. Charles I have been taking adderall for 7 years. In the beginning it was a Godsend. I wold leap out of bed, fold my laundry and actually complete all mundane tasks that need to be completed. When that was finished I would challenge myself by diving into my Calculus book and completing my homework assignment well before it was due.

    Well, with each passing month those characteristics have waned. I know that the major mechanism of stimulant meds are to increase focus. But being ADHD I have always been able to focus on something, whether it was healthy or not.

    I have been prescribed 20mg IR 2x a day for the last 5 years. Is it possible that my DA receptors are down-regulated past the point of providing motivation from the stimulant?

    One last question with regard to ROA. Is rectal administration a viable option? I ask this because I don’t want to up my prescribed amount. I just want it to be more effective.

    Thank You,


  4. […] and colleague Jeff Copper at Dig Coaching and Host at Attention Talk Video. [Jeff just shared a guest post here at CorePsych on metacognition. There Jeff regularly encourages a different, improved level of inquiry for ADHD […]

  5. FAZIA says:

    Thank you. It seems to me that certainly attention deficit may be an adverse outcome of many drugs/medications and chronic physical illness.
    Thus Metacognition tools could have far reaching efficacy.

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