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May 30, 2014
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June 18, 2014

ADHD Medication Rules On Sale


ADHD Medication Details Absolutely Matter

Relax at the beach, transcend confusion…

My publisher, Koehler Books, set up a plan for summer fun: New ADHD Medication Rules is now on sale at Kindle, for the easy price of 4.99$ for the month of June, a 10$ saving from the paperback version. Might as well jump on this Kindle digital for the price of a Big Mac, fries and coke. Transformation in thinking for the price of a fast food lunch. A little perspective never hurt 😉 .

Let's see, what else costs 5 bucks? Less than a car wash, less than the movies, use your imagination and stock up now with your Kindle for the summer.

Kindle Paperwhite Rules

I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite, a super easy reading machine for this non-recovering bibliophile, and absolutely love it. Now I can carry all my digital books in my hand – no need for the laptop. Other benefits: Vocabulary find and save, Search any book for keywords [the Search tool works for New Rules keywords without an index], Highlight your key passages, Bookmark specific pages, and can even save pdf documents to carry and read whenever! Love it. – Indispensable….


Koehler's  Fun Promo


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Kindle Rules, In Two Ways…


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Critical Thinking

And while you're there, if you have the 3G version, check out the extensive references and video revisions on this page: – These guys work hard to improve the science details of Executive Function Challenges.  Details from Galileo to Allen Frances [Chair of DSM4], critical thinking matters.

Stay tuned, more Parker Kindle Projects coming this summer…
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