Alfred Korzybski On Changing Thinking

Edward de Bono On Changing Thinking
May 24, 2014
ADHD Medication Rules: At The Beach
June 2, 2014

Korzybski On Reality And Critical Thinking

A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness. ~ Alfred Korzybski

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Korzybski: Change Matters

Jump on this brief video for the weekend, then go back and review Korzybski with this remarkable critical thinking colleagues on this page:

The history of thinking and science matter a great deal, thus I've regularly sent you notes on important thinkers who've spent their entire lives on the process of evolved scientific thinking, beyond locked-down, limited words, beyond illusions, into the Reality of Change.

To move forward it's important to think more deeply – about the thinking process itself.

Galileo, Tyson, de Bono, Insel, Francis, and here Korzybski – these scholars spell out critical thinking in ways that we all can follow if we simply take a moment to listen. So take a moment, listen to this old friend who absolutely changed my life [back in the late '60s – details in a new book coming out this fall].

That Korzybski smile: the humble smirk of a thinker who understands.

Perception Changes From Abstractions to Reality – Only 3.04 min


What a fine way to start the summer! Just think on these matters on the beach!

More soon,
Dr Charles Parker
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  1. Shane says:

    Hi Dr,

    Wanted to sound you out if I may. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Depression but have had adverse reactions to Vyvanse and Effexor – feel stoned and emotionless even on small doses and the effexor XR makes me wake up at 4am every morning with insomnia (despite taking after a protein breakfast). I took a OAT, Mineral Hair and IGG test.
    I have treated candida with Nystatin and Coconut oil for months, I have avoided all IgG’s identified for nearly a year and taken the supplement/diet advice from the Mineral Hair.

    The Effexor and Vyvanse still make me feel lethargic, anhedonic and stoned.
    When I dont take the psych meds I feel like I have the negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

    Wanted ask what your take on this might be – could I be missing the 2D6 enzyme in the Liver?
    Could I have Aspergers or Simple Schizophrenia?
    I am otherwise athletic, sleep 9 hours and dont take substances but I feel truely disconnected..

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated because I feel like I am chasing smoke and mirrors..

    • Shane,
      The next problem, witnessed about 80% of the time after identifying those underlying problems, correct the gut and liver connection. Without fixing these you can feel really crazy.

      Gut needs to be completely healed, and we have two suggestions available from Desiree at CorePsych Services: – GI 1 & 2 named to get that gut fixed. One is IgG product that helps heal the gut and the other is a DAO product that corrects Diamine Oxidase – – to cover histaminic reactions.

      Those two help the gut — then the next is the liver detox protocol Liver 1 & 2. For 1 we use AminoDTox for phase 2 first, and then come behind that with PaleoCleanse Phase 1 & 2 to open up the liver so those meds can actually become metabolized. Be patient, takes some time, but often in 2-3 weeks can begin to see improvement.

      It’s more complicated, but this gives you something to start with – set up a time to chat if still puzzled – there’s more to it.

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