Casein & Milk Immunity Details Change Minds

Sean Croxton Translates Gluten Testing
December 1, 2013
Vyvanse Dosage Strategies For ADHD Medication Accuracy
December 18, 2013

Wheat and Milk Immunity: Measurable Mind Targets

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
Winston Churchill

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Milk Matters

If you don't know, then don't look, you certainly can't see. Pervasive milk immunity denial breeds blindness in psychiatric offices globally.  Think: different cows make different milk.

Elsewhere I've reported on the CorePsych “New Jersey” Trifecta – Milk, Eggs and Wheat, appearing in that order of frequency… yes, milk is #1 in our offices.

These details matter – surprisingly important.

A1 Cows Are Dangerously Different

The new mind-culprit: A1 cows2 and their antigenic milk – so pervasive in the US. The literature is there, The Devil in The Milk by Dr. Keith Woodford [click on this book cover to review at Amazon] details the relevance for Type 1 Diabetes, schizophrenia, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, and, repeatedly seen in my office anecdotally/comorbidly, with ADHD.

I've been telling you about these details for years now, reporting the New Jersey Trifecta [1. Milk, 2. Eggs, and 3. Wheat – in that order of CorePsych office frequency on IgG testing] as significant measurements for recovery from psych treatment failure.

Mental Health Professionals Must Read This Book

Loaded with references The Devil in The Milk spells out interesting genetic and clinically relevant research in considerable detail, and repeatedly documents what we've seen for years: Yes, bowel function, Number 21, is often an associated problem with milk allergies, gluten sensitivity creates bowel vulnerability for other antigens like milk, BCM7 [the errant beta-casomorphin protein in A1 milk] and corrupts the blood brain barrier. See these: multiple BCM7 references. Milk immunity matters.


In A Hurry? Brief Video Summary On BCM7 [beta-casomorphin-7]:

Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness – Simplifies A1 Beta Casein Details:


Add milk immunity to your wheat immunity watch list.


Opiate Withdrawal From Foods?

Watch this video for specifics on Casein or Gluten Withdrawal Challenges.


More coming on A1 milk, stay tuned…

Sequential Video Trainings Related to Milk Immunity and ADHD

If you want to learn the relationships between milk and wheat and clinical challenges see these video playlists on YouTube:

ADHD Meds Tutorial – Overview:
ADHD Meds Dosage – How To:

Immunity Matters
ADHD Meds Problems – Mind and Gut Overview:
ADHD Meds & Allergies – Milk and Wheat:
ADHD Meds & Allergies – Street Translation For Immunity:

Leave a comment if you have any questions,

Dr Charles Parker
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1 Bowel slowing with milk documented: Defilippe, C et al, PubMed:
2 A2 Corporation Details:

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  1. Lynn_M says:

    There is some evidence that fermentation of dairy products into cheese or yogurt may degrade the BCM7 in A1 milk. Formation and Degradation of Beta-casomorphins in Dairy Processing.

    • Thanks Lynn,
      Interesting link, much appreciated. At this moment I remain on the conservative – “Stay away from casein” – bench. I’ve seen too many come back with marked deterioration following trying work around solutions.

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  3. […] For additional important details check out this Devil in The Milk post from Dec, ’13. […]

  4. Carmen Roa says:

    Thank you for your incredibly informative blog, Dr.Parker.
    Do you know of a resource that I could use to find a doctor (who utilizes the same methods as you do) in my area? I am in the Houston TX area and really need help for my teenage son.
    Thank you!

    • Sorry Carmen,
      I don’t have a name for you at the moment. We often do consults on Skype or FaceTime and can then point you in the right direction regarding several things:
      1. we can do the testing long distance, can make specific recommendations to a local doc, and/or
      2. can follow progress thereafter.

      This past week I consulted w a boy and his family in Louisiana, a young adult near Chicago, some folks from Northern VA, and have two active consultant kids/parents in TX. They have no psych for miles, no one nearby that does what we do, so we work closely w their pediatrician and all are making significant improvement. If the long distance situation doesn’t work due to acuity, for example, we encourage sticking w local care.

  5. […] Casein & Milk – Immunity Details Change Minds […]

  6. Mike Collins says:

    Hello Dr. Charles Parker

    I have talked to you recently in another post on Prozac, Paxil, and their role in corrupting amphetamine metabolism in the liver via the CYP450 2D6 pipeline.
    I will be making an appointment with you sometime in the new year. ADHD and Xmas time is a bad mix. I am completely scatterbrained right now!(LOL!!)
    I am almost positive that I have the “Roving Therapeutic Window” window effect happening and probably due to sensitivities in either milk, eggs, or wheat or maybe ALL of the above.
    What is very interesting is that every weekend when I go to the grocery store, what is guaranteed to be on my list? You guessed it! “milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, cereal.” That has been the core of my diet for probably TWENTY YEARS!
    I’ve asked myself before, “Why do I always eat these things for breakfast?” The answer is simple:

    1) Milk and cereal is easy,easy,easy. You don’t really prepare it and you don’t even need to CHEW it!

    2)Milk and egg protein have the best bio availability around. (That’s what I remember reading anyway)

    3)Cottage Cheese has a lot of protein, making it perfect for an ADHD breakfast! And again, you don’t have to chew it.

    NOW, thanks to your videos and links I’m starting to see the light. Our governments would NEVER announce to the public “Stay away from wheat and dairy” because it would throw a HUGE monkey wrench into the economy!
    Anyway, my question is about whey protein powder. I know casein is the #1 culprit in dairy but what about whey since it is in practically all protein bars and powders? Is it less likely to cause a problem with our immune systems? You know how us with ADHD need our protein!

  7. Gregory says:

    Hello Dr Parker,

    Your insights into ADHD treatment are fascinating, however I am keen to understand where you stand on the following when it comes to ADDers:
    1.) Alcohol Intake – I struggle to control myself to 1 or 2 on ocassion
    2.) Caffeine
    3.) Aspartane in Diet Coke etc
    4.) Is leaky Gut / Adrenal Fatigue real?


    • Greg,
      Thanks! Some quick thots:
      1. With Exec Funct issues, always better to put it down rather than drink it up. If you have an ETOH prob and ADHD, reality will hit you much harder. If you don’t, and can pace an evening w/o becoming sloppy or DUI, your patterns, by definition, are not a prob.
      2. I confess I’m a coffee lover, so I’m biased. I read about it all the time to see if I’m wrong, but no data has broken thru. Coffee, just like ETOH [alcohol] is a problem if it’s a problem, it’s not if it’s not.
      3. I’m strongly against Diet Coke and Aspartame – was addicted to DC for years, now in recovery – less than 3x/year when no options available.
      4. Completely real, leaky gut is a prob we deal w everyday at CorePsych, and fixing it absolutely improves overall health and psych outcomes. Adrenal compromise lives downstream more than 90% of the time – almost every case. Same situation: if you overlook it, it will haunt you for years.

  8. Craig Gardener says:

    Dr Parker, good day to you sir and thank you for answering my question – I wanted to follow up with a few additional questions. I fully understand that your input over the Internet is of course somewhat limited however I am a huge fan of your book ADHD medication rules and the fact you promote natural treatments while not discounting medications. I feel like you are the only Dr out there who ‘understands’ from a patients perspective!

    I feel that ADHD and Borderline PD is me in a nutshell. I have found Igg testing interventions useful and have been using 30mg of Vyvanse with less of a roving therapeutic window. I also tried a very low dose of Venlafaxine/Sertraline (not together) but this seemed to wipe out my PFC function and dulled me into a zombie.

    My remaining problems are those I would assign to Borderline Personality Disorder (I understand this is a descriptive DSM diagnosis): Chronic Emptiness, Dangerous Impulsiveness (Money mainly) Loss of Sense of Self/Identity. I do NOT feel it is Bipolar disorder.

    Regarding Copper this is a very interesting suggestion – do you routinely to hair mineral analysis or are there better methods of analyzing trace minerals?

    Finally I wanted to ask your opinion on Dr Hyman and Dr Kharrazian. Whilst I appreciate their insights it would seem that everyone on the planet would be taking 1000 different supplements and herb extracts to fix oneself. Do you have a standard list of supplements? Whilst I appreciate there is no ‘one size fits all’?

    I am based in New Jersey and have called to make a face to face appointment with your care coordinator – you are available in January at the earliest I understand, so look forward to a consult.

    Happy Christmas,


    • Merry Christmas to you Craig,

      Quite honestly I look forward to our meeting – you clearly get it. I test TMA hair more routinely than not, and regularly get serious mileage from those tests – do call Desiree and get that done before you come down so we can look at it – 51$, no upsell, and if it isn’t back at the time we meet you will still, very likely [>90%], get use out of those results [nothing in medicine is 100%]. See the research at or the book by David Watts on Trace Elements.

      I like Mark Hyman personally but, even though he’s Chairman of Inst. Funct. Med., I don’t appreciate his regularly running down psychiatry and psych meds. He is clearly a very informed thought leader and deeply into Genova/Metametrix testing with excellent results. My personal admonition to him: ‘comprehensive’ is the word, it’s beyond simply ‘functional.’ Comprehensive, as you point out, includes Functional but respects work on the psych pharma side as contributory. It’s less polemic and hopefully provides a bridge to interested traditional folks. Quite honestly, what he doesn’t know [pharma] he dismisses, is negative. He used to think Amen and SPECT was snake oil, now they are big buds on the Today show. He’s big enough to change and really think ‘Integrated.’

      Datis is amazing and very interesting, but I don’t know him personally. I’m looking forward to reading his next book on Brain, it’s on my list. His thyroid book is completely on target w immunity issues.

      Look forward to meeting,

  9. Craig Gardener says:

    Hello Dr Parker,

    I love the website btw – and the immunity issues on milk, eggs and wheat is exactly why I have been avoiding them for the past year.

    I wanted to ask a completely unrelated question on Borderline Personality Disorder – I have the following problems:
    – Unstable Self Identity
    – Chronic Feelings of Emptiness
    – Impulsive and self damaging behaviours

    In your years in Psychiatry have you ever treated co-occurring ADHD and Borderline – which drugs would you use?

    Do you believe that Borderline Personality Disorder exists?

    Do you have any tips on treatment options, I have tried numerous functional/integrative methods such as treating leaky gut, immune challenges (gluten, milk and eggs), among others..

    Please help!

    • Craig,
      Borderline Personality is well reported and described voluminously – it surely exists beyond simple belief. I’ve treated Borderline PD, yet do openly confess that the question you ask does fall into a level of complexity beyond this brief comment.

      One inside theme, less visible to the uninformed, that many don’t address is the brain’s maladaption secondary to the chronic gut immunity issues associated with abrogation of the gut wall and the blood brain barrier – and, quite often in addiion, significant trace element imbalances that live downstream from those corrupted villi. SEARCH above for just this one trace element – copper – to see how deranged a person can become with that single imbalance.

      Dopaminergic drug for ADHD, serotonin and Abilify top my list while simultaneously treating those highly likely trace element and metabolic imbalances.

  10. Thanks again, CP, for keeping up with what’s going on and sounding the alarm.

    MANY of my clients over the years have discovered that milk exacerbates their symptoms – as it does my own. And yet nobody claimed to know why that might be so when “tests” could not demonstrate lactose intolerance. I hope this book will take a big bite out of the “pervasive immunity denial.”

    HOWEVER, immunity denial isn’t the ONLY thing that “breeds blindness in psychiatric [and medical] offices globally.” I continue to be shocked at how many supposed professionals buy whatever they’re being sold, and then resell it to their clients.

    I just reblogged a post (with an unfortunate title I wasn’t able to change, to my chagrin) — a first-person illuminating the dangers of aspartame poisoning and the miracle recovery that followed its removal from the diet of a woman who was losing her fight with “MS”.

    One of my clients struggled with aspartame poisoning as well. She and I do NOT allow it to pass our lips – and haven’t for well over a decade, despite the fact that it’s getting more difficult to avoid it. It’s even added to medicine — and the dairy lobby is currently attempting to be allowed to add it to milk as well!!

    AND YET . . .

    There is actually some brand new press being bandied about the blog-o-sphere touting a new study “proving” that aspartame is ok — despite CLEAR science demonstrating aspartame’s neuro-toxicity (as well as evidence strongly indicating foul play in the FDA approvals process under the “leadership” of a man who, shortly after resigning, became a Monsanto higher-up).

    Heaven help us all.

    Sadly, many don’t want to know. It’s wearing to feel like a “conspiracy theorist” simply for alerting others to the science, isn’t it?

    All the more reason I ring in to say THANKS for ringing the alarm anyway. Good job!

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –

    • Madelyn,
      Thanks for your feedback! The comorbidities with ADHD and many mind challenges carry a significant associated complexity not previously measured. Do encourage your clients to look at those video playlists at the bottom of this posting to embrace the working process of these immunity issues.

      Yeah, seems like an outsider ‘conspiracy’ accusation at times, simply because it’s beyond limited psych group-think. Reminds me of the argument in WW II about the P51B Mustang w Merlin engine from Rolls Royce… it was the turning point in the air war and set D Day to work out w/o Nazi ground troops.

      People after said that the delay in delivering those planes, because of group think and suspicion about the technology, almost lost the war.

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