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Mark Houston Gluten Summit

Mark Houston Weighs in On Gluten Sensitivity

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Brain And Body Connect Through Immunity

Wheat Understanding Can Improve Recovery Results

This short post introduces a video from Mark Houston MD, another luminary cardiologist who gets Gluten, Milk and food Sensitivity testing. Mark is known internationally as a serious evidence-based medical professional who also, just as Bill Davis in the last CorePsych post, gets the cardiology, food, and psychiatric connections. Mark’s presenting at the complimentary Gluten Summit next week!

Last time I checked the mind was connected to the body. Let me think about this: Do you think brain and heart physiology might be connected?

Why Listen To Mark

In this brief video is an example of how Mark thinks, and his medical mission to improve awareness as he speaks to physicians internationally on the subject of measurable biomedical issues – from cholesterol here, to Gluten, vascular physiology and brain function. Mark reports on the science, the Reality of impaired brain function in easily understandable terms.

Make sure you catch Marks presentation next week!

Mark Houston Sample [3.48 min]

It’s not too late to sign up! Complimentary!

See ya there! Have a great weekend!

PS: If you want to see a much more comprehensive Mark Houston presentation over the weekend on Cardiovascular Medicine.



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