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ADHD and IgG Matters

ADHD measurement - allmost completely outdated

No Rules

Gluten Sensitivity Is Different – But Related To Celiac

At CorePsych we see occasional new patients who never consulted a psychiatrist before – for two reasons.

  1. The Deep Answer: They distrust a medical system that most often completely ignores biomedical facts as they relate to cognitive function, so they know in advance that real medical targets need revision.
  2. The Innocence/Denial Answer: They simply don’t want any medications when practitioners admit they simply don’t know how to use them. There are no Rules, so just punt.

But more frequently we see Multiple Treatment Failures from ADHD, to Anxiety and Depression – patients who have tried almost every psych med out there, and experienced repeated Treatment Failures – over years, even decades! The problem: we simply aren’t measuring Biologic Reality!  In fact, many collectively deny Reality – globally – in too many Treatment Failure matters.

Last Time I Checked, The Mind Was Connected To The Body

Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so. [Tweet this quote] Galileo 1615

Today, mind technology moves markedly forward. Measurements matter, especially for Treatment Failure associated with biomedical challenges. With 80% of the Treatment Failures reviewed at CorePsych I find Immune System Challenges measurable by IgG.

How did I recognize this IgG problem? Looking at human brains through functional SPECT brain images starting in 2003 – 10 years ago – with Dr Amen in DC. Many of those patients looked like TBI – brain injury – but never experienced brain injury in their lives. A much different biological handicap lurked beneath the surface of those scans – deeper than the scans themselves.

Listen: Gluten/Celiac review by Dr Tom O’Bryan

Another Useful Video From Dr O’Bryan Here


>>>Then Take A Look At My Gut Brain Playlist For More Details

Access Gut Brain Videos Here – to see how these findings can play out Treatment Failure with everyday ADHD meds.

Then also review these links below that confirm what I’ve reported for the last 7 years here at CorePsych Articles. The world is changing my friends and the naysayers are looking pretty worn and antique.


Training Alert!

Stay in touch here at CorePsych – as Dr O’Bryan, yes, he’s a friend of mine for years, will be hosting an outstanding series this fall with the worlds leading authorities on e.g. Gluten, Gluten/Casein cross reactivity, the entire IgG/Immune testing conundrum – the works, – world-class.


Cellular focus, global vision – stay tuned, coming soon.


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  1. Good afternoon Dr Parker,

    I am following your advice on Igg and avoiding foods you are allergic to however I have a complex problem that I wanted your feedback on if possible.
    I am a type 1 Diabetic and have CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency) and as result I have frequent infections and a more permiable intestine.

    From my point of view whichever foods I eat I seem to have some kind of reaction to them. I also suffer from the Roving Theraputic Window where Vyvanse functions some days well other days it feels like the drain is blocked and I am toxic.

    My interpretation is that I am stuck between a Rock and a Hard place and will have difficulty healing my gut under these circumstances.

    Any help would be very helpful but I am sure the combination of Type 1 Diabetes, CVID and ADHD is tricky?

    Best Regards

    • JH,
      It’s not so tricky if you simply have at it slowly and first get that IgG locked down. Next you need two protocols:
      1. The Amino Detox for your phase 2 liver issues, then PaleoCleanse to hit both phase 1 & 2. Those protocols need to be watched by someone familiar as you might have a problem w them based on your years of issues. Milk is likely a problem for you – jump on that one – see the videos on The Devil In The Milk on my allergy video playlist at YouTube.
      2. GI Repair could be very helpful, but honestly I never just rec. supplements w/o measuring and having some clear idea… too much shooting from the hip. Specific bowel repair is in order, w/o it you will likely remain refractory.

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