3 ADHD Metabolic Insights

ADHD Reality Matters
July 29, 2013
Epigenetics Matter For Precise Treatment
August 12, 2013

Metabolism Matters

On the path - Dominic Alves Flicker

On the Path – Dominic Alves Flicker

If we either outright ignore, innocently deny, or angrily dispute, it doesn't make any difference, Reality will catch up to our perceptions over time. Change is inevitable, and even more painfully inevitable – if we don't face ADHD Functional Reality.  Context matters. 

If, on the other hand, we collectively overcome denial, focus on the facts, and hold our temper when others dispute – then we can embrace new facts as they appear from neuroscience data.

One of those absolute facts so often overlooked is simple Metabolic Reality. See this very short trailer I put together for New ADHD Medication Rules to address those regular questions that arise about ADHD meds as we ignore, deny, and dispute the Reality of biologic metabolic activity. 

Join me on the Reality Path as we walk out of the confused woods of superficial ADHD labels and diagnosis by appearance.

Recognize 3 Common Sense Metabolic Realities  – 1.5 min

Reality Changes ADHD Treatment Strategies

> Then take a look at this fall CoreBrain Reality Program – and the comprehensive introductory video linked there – about how Reality Changes the Face of ADHD meds.  I'm sure you will find it worth your time – it's an improvement on the Shindig Programs, and useful for your team anywhere.

See you on the inside!

Dr Charles Parker
Author: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense

PS: This is Our 400th Posting – at CorePsych over the past 7 years. Thanks for all of your support – it takes a team to address Reality, as you well know.

PPS: Surprise Personal Accolades: Recently at ShareCare: One of the Top Ten Social HealthMakers – in ADHD.

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  1. Travis says:

    Hi Dr. Parker

    I’ll repeat the former posters’ sentiments in thanking you for creating such an incredibly informative blog.

    I’ve searched around a bit and can’t find more specific information on a fast metabolism’s reaction to ADHD drugs. I’m 29, BMI of 18 (quite thin). I have always had a very fast metabolism, often going #2 two to three times per day (especially within 40 minutes of taking my newly prescribed Vyvanse). I’m quite frankly having an issue with duration of effectiveness. The medication seems to take me to the top of the therapeutic window at 30mg for 2 hours, and then completely lose all effectiveness and cause a very intense rebound around 3.5-5 hours after taking it. My doctor recommends that I keep increasing the dose, but the duration is not extended, the side effects just increase in severity.

    Background: I am lactose intolerant, and only drink a small amount of lactose-free milk with coffee in the morning. I have been tested for celiac and nut allergies, and there is no problem.

    Any advice would be very greatly appreciated.

    Thank you again, Dr!


    • Travis,
      Thanks for your kind remarks.

      Your comments hint at, but don’t exactly confirm, the following speculation that will best be served by more precise follow up with specific laboratory measurements:
      1. Your history is absolutely confirmatory of a Narrow Therapeutic Window – see this video explanation: http://corepsych.com/tw
      2. Your Transit Time is way too short – see this post with download test info and explanation: http://corepsych.com/TransitTime
      3. Lactose Free milk is still cow’s milk. Lactose is one component that can act as an allergen – most often an IgE allergen. Casein is the major offending antigen, a protein in milk, that is most often discovered through IgG testing. See this video: http://corepsych.com/igg
      4. For Testing Options see the second page of this pdf download on “IgG” – with additional video links: http://corepsych.com/tests14
      5. For more details on all these matters see this Mind and Gut Video Playlist: http://corepsych.com/mind-gut

      This will provide considerable homework for the day! Details matter.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Dr Parker, I’ve tried all the adhd meds – started off on strattera, then concerta, adderall & now on vyvanse. I’ve obviously got metabolic issues going on – slow transit time & keep bouncing out the top of the therapeutic window. I’ve had IgG testing which came back normal for all foods tested (96 I think it was) & was told this is unusual so started on digestive enzymes and also take L-Tyrosine, multi vit & omega 3 fish oils. I’m wondering what further testing you would recommend and also whether to try Intuniv. All the other stimulant meds help somewhat but tend to become toxic before I get good enough results, especially with attention. (I always have a protein breakfast too!)

    We’ve also decided to see about my 14yr old daughter trying meds as she’s also been diagnosed with adhd. She also has metabolic issues including slow transit time, and was lactose intolerant when younger, with episodes periodically. Should she have various tests prior to starting meds or start on something with a view to having tests , plus what tests would you recommend?

    Many thanks for any info you can offer, Michelle

    • Michelle,
      You’re definitely thinking correctly for both of you. The first and most simple point: you both could suffer with completely different biomedical issues. Biomedical differences are even seen in identical twin studies.

      I strongly recommend you take the next step to assess two other variables: 1. your Organic Acids “OATS” through urine and 2. Tissue Mineral Analysis for trace elements – hair. Those tests are easy and the details for them are explained in hyperlinks on the second page of the pdf: http://corepsych.com/tests14. It is quite unusual that you turned up “normal” on all the IgG and want to make sure the the food testing was IgG not IgE.

      The very next most common presentation I consider with results you describe, if that test was for IgG, is Candida. See this article I wrote on Candida and take the long test available there: http://corepsych.com/candida.
      Hope this helps,

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  6. Justin says:

    Dr. Parker,

    I have ADHD and I had roux-n-y gastric bypass surgery in 2008. I’m also anemic. I’m currently on Adderall tablets 60 MG (15 mm 4 times per day). I’ve tried numerous other stimulants but find adderall works best, just doesn’t last long enough. Do you see this often in patients who’ve had bariatric surgery? I have been prescribed 90 mg a day before and it was effective. However, my current doctor will not increase my dosage from 60 mg…Would a liquid format benefit me? Also, i’ve found that anything extended release doesn’t work for me….70 mg of Vyvanse was ineffective as it had a very strong onset, but only lasted 4-5 hours. What are your thoughts on bariatric surgery and its effects of absorbing these meds? It’s becoming very frustrating….

    • Justin,
      The problem isn’t the surgery or the time release in my own opinion… it’s the metabolic problems that caused the malabsorption and metabolic problems in the first place. We can measure them wherever you are and make specific recommendations if you write Desiree at http://corepsych.com/services – more details there and upon SEARCH at CorePsych – just look for posts on IgG for considerable more info.

  7. Kamran says:

    Hi Dr. Parker,

    This is an excellent blog and thanks for helping so many of us. My issue with medication is that I get a bowel movement within minutes of taking meds. It’s almost like I can’t go to toilet without taking meds. Is this normal?

    • Kamran,
      With this kind of heavy action you’ll never get the meds right until you get #2 under control. Write Transit Time in the SEARCH here and download the pdf w plenty of info on how. I call is the “Most Expensive” Test in Medicine – 69 cents. It’s affordable, and will tell you about your problem.
      Then go look at this video series on Mind and Gut right away for even more details.

  8. Ellis says:

    Hi Dr Parker, I’ve stumbled across your website and want to take more time to click thru your blog. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with ADD end of May. He had his hearing tested, saw a social worker and then the main doctor. Main doctor saw all of us for perhaps 15 mins and after reviewing our questionnaire, teacher questionnaire, he diagnosed ADD and prescribed timed release Ritalin. I was not confident with doctor or diagnosis and we did not start meds. I am considering 2nd opinion. Are questionnaires all there is to diagnose ADD?

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  11. […] 3 ADHD Metabolic Insights […]

  12. Catherine McCauley says:

    Thank You Dr. Parker and a Big Congratulations on being selected as the #1 Social Health Matters Expert on ADHD!!! Finally a Dr. that understands and most importantly, a Dr. that is willing to help those of us with ADD. Catherine

  13. Catherine McCauley says:

    Dr Parker. I take 20 mg fast acting adderall tablets 3 x a day , and two clonidine at bedtime. I take probiotics. I find I consistently require stool softeners and laxatives,also my stomach gets bloated and uncomfortable. What is your opinion? I did not have these issues with vyvanse but this particular medication made me aggressive and it just did not work for me mentally. Thank you, Catherine

    • Catherine,
      It quite likely isn’t the Adderall, though Adderall might be contributory w it’s fast release in the IR form. The far greater likelihood is that you suffer an associated metabolic problem as noted in this video and really should look more carefully at IgG issues. Take a look at this Mind Gut You Tube Playlist for more info. The bloating, constipation and other GI problems very frequently are blamed on the stim meds when the real culprit, most of the time, is associated food allergies.

      Measurement through IgG and changing the diet works about 80% of the time.

  14. gary schill says:

    Dr. Parker, Thank you for you past help. You led me to the road of health. I have never felt better. I found out that I have had lyme disease for many years. You advised food, neurotransmitter, and the oats test. They have been a great help. The best test I have taken has been a dna test. I was was given adhd meds when severely sick with neurolyme. The dna test found out that I do not detox meds. They accumalated in my body. Not good !! I am guessing that it might be the same for people having problems with taking meds. So when I got bit by a tick , my body could not detox. It all makes so much sense now. So you are big time correct. Metabolism matters.Thanks again for your great help.

    • Thanks Gary,
      It’s so interesting that so few actually understand these metabolic basics – and while they’re so commonsensical they don’t find the medical traction for more consistent application.

      Appreciate your kind remarks – together we can make a difference.

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