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NIMH Agrees: DSM 5 Needs Revision


Old Markers Less Useful

ADHD Diagnosis Needs Revision

Dr Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institutes of Mental Health, joins the growing group of leading psychiatrists who address the neuroscientific inadequacy of the current diagnostic system. Check out this report in detail at Mind Hacks:

In a potentially seismic move, the National Institute of Mental Health – the world’s biggest mental health research funder, has announced only two weeks before the launch of the DSM-5 diagnostic manual that it will be “re-orienting its research away from DSM categories”.

In the announcement, NIMH Director Thomas Insel says the DSM lacks validity and that “patients with mental disorders deserve better”.

This is something that will make very uncomfortable reading for the American Psychiatric Association as they trumpet what they claim is the ‘future of psychiatric diagnosis’ only two weeks before it hits the shelves.

Cognitive Inquiries Matter

And the report at Mind Hacks further breaks down the cognitive details, sadly lacking in DSM 4/5 ADHD diagnosis. If ADHD is, as we know, a cognitive process, why do the “diagnosticians” continue to overlook cognitive inquiry?

As an alternative approach, Insel suggests the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) project, which aims to uncover what it sees as the ‘component parts’ of psychological dysregulation by understanding difficulties in terms of cognitive, neural and genetic differences. [Sound familiar?]

CorePsych Documentation

Remember, at CorePsych we’ve reported on this outdated labeling inadequacy for years, along with others in the country, including:

  1. Thomas Insel MD – Dir National Institutes of Mental Health
  2. Allen Frances MD – Past Psych Chair Duke, and Chair of DSM – 4
  3. Mark Hyman MD – Chairman, Institute of Functional Medicine
  4. Daniel Amen MD – Amen Clinics, Leader in SPECT Brain Imaging
  5. Stephen Stahl MD PhD – Director Neuroscience Education Institute, Psychopharmacologist

Biomarkers For Evolved Diagnosis

Consider this insightful change at NIMH. It will improve the way we use neuroscience data, and will put brain and body, biomedical science into the process of fresh diagnostic and treatment initiatives. We at CorePsych applaud the growing number of national thought leaders who now weigh in on these necessary changes with improved insights.

Old markers take the uninformed down old trails. If we can measure quarks in Italian caves 4 miles underground from stars long dead, we will be able to get past appearances in the office. Many are using these new biomedical tools, it’s surprising how these helpful data sources remain so controversial.

Dr Charles Parker
Author: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense
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  1. As you well know, I am personally thrilled and hopeful that it will not take the long and winding road to reach the public.
    Millions are suffering from individuals who are misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed as well as those who are trying to take successful responsibility for their mental health and those that are in denial that they desperately need treatment for the correct diagnosis.

    I can only pray this will support the removal of mental health social stigmas in addition to raising the awareness of how critical it is to get the “right” diagnosis.
    The excuses for hiding and denying with deceptive attempts to fly under the radar that your mentally stable when your NOT has to end with professional psychiatric accountability, hence Medication RULES!

    “That’s all I have to say about that” – Forrest Gump –

    • Susan,
      Just great walking down this path with you… and watching the sunrise!

      • LOL Ditto !

        • “Make Believe” is a child’s game, a game of innocence and denial. Reality speaks to those suffering with BS diagnosis and treatment based upon the seeds of dandelion – blowing in the winds of inevitable change.

          • Beautifully stated.
            Yes indeed “the winds of inevitable change” are right around the bend.

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