ADHD Medication Details – Beyond The Basics

NIMH Agrees: DSM 5 Needs Revision
May 6, 2013
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June 3, 2013
ADHD Medications Need New Maps

New Territories New Maps

Without Clear Data Common Sense Is Impossible

For nearly 7 years I've been reporting on the urgent need for change in the way we practice psychiatry today.

It's time to take serious reportage to the next level of action – application through state-of-the-art web-workshops.

For anyone concerned about the optimal use of ADHD medications, I'm offering specific ADHD medication workshops to address these multiple challenges.  I’ll cover everything from more executive-function-informed ADHD diagnosis. to the essential details that facilitate predictable ADHD treatment options.

With six full hours and our interactive small group learning system, we'll get details covered, together.

Why ADHD Medication Training? Consider:

  1. The real harm that repeatedly arises from the current uninformed standard of care,
  2. The dangers and disappointments of ignoring available medical science,
  3. The the remarkable ambiguity of ADHD diagnostic labels,
  4. The complete absence of basic rules for using stimulant medications to treat ADHD.
  5. Adults and children suffer on many levels with imprecision, years of confusion and irresponsible protocols.

How And Where?

Utilizing remarkable Adobe Connect Software, I’ll offer the training on your computer, at a location that’s convenient to you. The details come delivered in an easy to understand format, providing new ways you can work with your medical team to produce predictable results. Live training takes place May 15, 22, 29 and June 5, from 6-7:30 EDT. However, if you can’t make those times the videos will be uploaded and available for you to view at a later date.

Originally designed just for our CoreBrain ADHD Coaching Partners we have decided to open the doors to the public, to allow more people to gain this knowledge and improve their treatment. Benefits: Personalized with small class size – Only 20 permitted in each class, so sign up right away, the doors will close when this class fills.

What Details? ADHD Meds in Action | Beyond The Basics

Knowing ADHD medication details will help support ADHD recovery progress, and help connect more effectively with your medical teams. This webinar series covers 6 full hours of the latest biomedical details for any ADHD Coaching or Training Professional, actually anyone interested in ADHD meds, anywhere, working with any medical team interested in the highest quality medication management.  Scheduled as 4 x 1.5 hr webinars, they will be recorded and on video for your later review, or for your convenience if you can’t make the meeting schedule.

The details within ADHD Meds in Action will address not only the details in my book New ADHD Medication Rules [a six category Best Seller at Amazon], but will also show you how to understand and negotiate the next necessary steps to get any ADHD meds correctly adjusted. Small class size and the super Adobe Software will make sure I answer all questions and that every attendee will achieve a greater understanding of ADHD medication and will move forward, better equipped to make treatment improvements.

The Only ADHD Med Course With Street Applications – Total 6 Hr: $97 With Video Access for 6 Mos After the Course Is Completed.

Now: Sorry, our CoreBrain ADHD Meds in Action-1 web-workshop is filled.

Do connect with Tiffany at to attend the next workshop this summer, likely July.  Yes, it's a web-workshop, small groups at CoreBrain working together to improve ADHD medication delivery, globally. If you're a coach it's your first step to CoreBrain Coaching Partnership.

Together we can make a difference.

Download: This pdf Course Outline for ADHD Meds In Action

Also: if you're a coach, make sure your colleagues also get this link – sign up for additional updates at

Talk soon,


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