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ADHD Insights: 8 Videos – Immunity, Gut, Meds
March 7, 2013
NIMH Agrees: DSM 5 Needs Revision
May 6, 2013
Let's Correct Frozen Thinking

Let's Correct Frozen Thinking

Let's Connect One Way Or Another!

Knowledge comes from noticing resemblances and recurrences in the events that happen around us.
Wilfred Trotter in The Art of Scientific Investigation – W.I.B. Beveridge

It's Spring, and with Ice Fishing and ADHD Medications timing is everything! It's obvious: if you don't get that Ice Fishing house off the lake within an appropriate time frame, your friendly cabin will become an Unlucky 13 floating quietly in the Spring thaw, or touring deep to fully experience the bottom of the lake. So it is with ADHD meds: get the timing right and you're golden, miss the built-in timing and you will be lucky to stay afloat.

Frozen thinking can become unfrozen with just a little insight! It's all about timing.

Parker Spring Presentations For Your Review

Monday: Shindig Video Chat II: Reality Changes The ADHD Rules: Tomorrow night as guests of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Co. CHADD, down in North Carolina with Tina Stone there as hostess, and Yusang Lee deftly managing the video from Shindig software in NYC. From 7-9:30 EDT – Do RSVP at this link if you won't be showing up at the Coca-Cola Plaza in Charlotte: http://shindig.com/event/drcharlesparker0408
Thanks Tina!

It's a virtual slide show for those out of town with chat after. Your questions will either be managed through Yusang, or raise your hand and get right up on the virtual stage with me. The last Shindig was a major hit, loved the opportunity to get with so many like-minded folks concerned about ADHD medication details.

Wednesday: ADDA Webinar II: Reality Changes The ADHD Rules: Yes, it's the same topic, with some very interesting additional details on new buzzwords for ADHD treatment. See what you think about these two: REALITY – and this – DENIAL. Yes we'll be talking about ADHD reality and the pervasive denial regarding neuroscience understandings. We'll be looking for resemblances and recurrences. Thanks to Linda Roggli, ADHD Coach Extraordinaire –  host for that meeting. Thanks Linda! The ADDA link for our CorePsych and CoreBrain Team: http://bit.ly/charlesparker

Saturday: ACO – ADHD Coaches Organization in Atlanta II: Mastering Medical Connections This one will be live down there, and all I can say at this moment is that I just loved last years meeting with so many coaches there from all over the world. We had a ball, and I do anticipate some serious conversations with all those folks who we know from the Internet but don't get a chance to see personally. Just take a look at the list of ADHD speakers – an outstanding group! And if you're a coach planning to go to Atlanta: Be Prepared as they say in the Boy Scouts, and get a jump on connecting with these ACO Parker Handouts!

Show Up!

Hope you can make it! Don't hesitate to forward this to any folks interested in New ADHD Medication Rules – medical details change, and do make a difference.

BTW: In case you haven't heard: New Rules is an Amazon Best Seller in 6 different categories! – Pretty exciting! 😉
Talk soon!


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  1. […] If, on the other hand we collectively overcome denial, focus on the facts, and hold our temper when others dispute – then we can embrace new facts as they appear from neuroscience data. […]

  2. Kelly Anderson says:

    Hi Dr. Parker,
    I have been reading your new book, and I am looking forward to bringing my 14 year old son, Josh, to see you for an appointment in Virginia Beach in July. He is currently on Intuniv, 2mg. He does not seem to tolerate stimulants well. He has a horrible time focusing on his schoolwork, and we have always struggled with his impulsive and defiant behavior (especially at home). I also suspect that he has some learning disabilities (we have never had him tested). Hopefully you will be able to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is so frustrating not knowing how to help him. We have seen several psychiatrists, and all of them want to put him on something different. One even put him on Prozac with the Intuniv, which was a disaster (as you know). I’m tired of traveling down this road to “nowhere”. Thanks, and again, I look forward to seeing you. 🙂

    • Thanks Kelly,
      Looking forward. I can tell you without even starting the interview that filling out our questionnaire will take me closer to his inevitable metabolic challenges. You might want to review these vids in the meantime, and since your guy is 14 he might be willing to sit thru one of them that you select so he and I can begin working together in absentia. It’s quite likely a mind-gut problem.



  3. WisdomSeeker says:

    GREAT analogy, Dr. Parker! I’m sending this on to my younger brother in Mississippi. He’s been a bit guarded about embracing the “family genetics” but I’ve slowly tried to educate and introduce him to the helpful information available.
    I hooked him up to your Website and he was really excited about what you are offering! I might even convince him to attend one of your Shindigs in the future.:)
    Great Shindig last night! Thanks for your passionate desire to share your knowledge to help make for better lives!

    • Thanks Wisdom for coming on last night! – and for your kind remarks… will be doing one tonight with a better platform – with Adobe Connect at ADDA with Linda Roggli = sign in here: http://bit.ly/charlesparker

      • WisdomSeeker says:

        Dr. Parker,
        Thanks for your reply. 🙂 Unfortunately, I get very little SPAM but noticed that your reply had gone unnoticed because of having been routed there.
        I’m so sorry to say that, although I had registered and really looked forward to that following webinar, I was unable to attend due to family conflict.
        Is there a link to listen to that broadcast? I would love to hear you speak as often as possible. I especially like the many platforms from which you are available.
        Your tireless campaign to ‘educate’ on this important and life-changing subject amazes me! You make so many resources available. Thanks, again, for your hard work and passion to inform and help make lives better.

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