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February 18, 2013
ADHD Insights: Cognitive Anxiety Markers
March 6, 2013
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Maine Maple Syrup

CorePsych Subscription Update – Video How To

It's Spring, and this will be easier than making maple syrup: > It's about this Turquoise New Post Alerts Button >

Changes Need Attention – You Know That

With the changes on all my sites I discovered an excellent web designer Jamie Tobias up in Nova Scotia, near Halifax. With Jamie's help we moved forward with cleaning up CorePsych and Dr Charles Parker sites that were just too busy, and overwhelming. But we lost the automatic article updates by email, so are moving to RSS in your own specific Reader. Your RSS reader will keep these posts organized for easy reference and no accumulation in your inbox.

Make It Easy To Subscribe

Now to subscribe to CorePsych Articles we suggest keeping up with further instructions here at Google Reader, – and Firefox and Safari also both provide readers.

See this personalized, short, 1.01 min, video Jamie did to show you how to do it. Turn up the volume to listen through Jamie's English accent 😉


Thanks! More soon,

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