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ADHD Insights: Cognitive Anxiety Markers

ADHD Markers Matter - Upgrade Badly Needed

Lost In The Fog? Markers Matter

Only 2 Problems With ADHD Meds: Diagnosis & Treatment

Are you tired of feeling lost with medication challenges? Let’s take Reality-Based next steps to correct current insufficient maps and stay off the rocks – and together spread the word on the complexity of ADHD challenges. Improved targets and medication management do matter – every day.

ADHD, OCD and Anxiety Video Passes 24,000 Hits

I’ve been teaching my colleagues about the Reality details in this ADHD, OCD and Anxiety video since 1996 when I first recognized the prefrontal cortical imbalances associated with Executive Dysfunction: Cognitive Anxiety.   No, you won’t find Cognitive Anxiety in the DSM 4 or 5, those antique maps are outdated by about 20 years of brain studies. No, in 1996 we didn’t call these mind-details Executive Dysfunction, but we did call this one Cognitive, Thinking Anxiety – even back then.

Missing The Boat

FYI: Cognitive Anxiety is the single most often missed subset of Executive Dysfunction I’ve been reporting on since the start up of CorePsych in 2006. Yesterday this video passed 19,000 hits on YouTube – it looks like many more are paying attention, actually thinking about thinking.

Take a look, stay off those real life-circumstances rocks, look for these improved markers in any ADHD fog. Think Executive Dysfunction and you find yourself much closer to reality – to channels that will take you home.


Cognitive Anxiety Matters – And Share This Thought With Your Friends


Details make the difference between years of confusion and a clear mind.

Dr Charles Parker
Author: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense

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  1. Thanks for posting your successful YouTube video. I will be sure to watch – I’m curious to learn more.

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