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ADHD Insights: Stimulants Don’t Work

ADHD off the trackNo, Make That: Stimulants Don’t Work *As Expected*

Checking the results of a decision against its expectations shows executives what their strengths are, where they need to improve, and where they lack knowledge or information.   –  Peter Drucker

Let’s all make a New Year’s Resolution to honor the reality of neuroscience – of those new brain maps – for all of psychiatric treatment. Without maps too many folks careen off the tracks that should set up a safe arrival. Let’s make 2013 a different year by asking better questions – improving both working knowledge and useful information.

But is “all of psychiatric treatment” too sweeping in complexity? – Then reduce your target: just consider ADHD, the most misdiagnosed, mismanaged, maligned, source of psychiatric – mind gossip out there.

Just What Did You Expect?

About 90% of stimulant medication problems are based on one simple challenge: Limited to no expectations. Imprecision to often becomes the current standard of care. From Great Expectations to No Expectations the meds are delivered far too often without even remotely considering specific objective targets. “Just tell me how you feel…” addresses affect, feelings, not cognitive challenges. Clear Rules and much improved expectations provide more deliverable, improved ADHD treatment outcomes.

The amorphous, imprecise complaint, heard thousands of times every year: “These ADHD meds don’t work!” Then how do we ask better questions to see it those meds are working the way they should?

Dive in to connect on these questions, and spread the word…


These Key Questions Are Too Often Overlooked

  1. Just exactly when do the medications not work?  They might work somewhat well in the AM but drop off in the PM.
  2. Just exactly when to medications start to work? Meds might not even touch the bottom of The Therapeutic Window.
  3. Remember: If stimulant meds are added, but then don’t start working until 2-3 hours later, then the meds are likely too high in dosage.
  4. If the crash in the PM matches the expected DOE | Duration of Effectiveness but the crash is emotional at 3-4 PM the look for depression as a comorbid challenge.
  5. Without key metabolic questions, covered in considerable, cost effective detail in New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense

Let’s work together to ask these questions and stay on track in ’13 – and beyond.


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  1. ADHD is like the alien, it evolves. Most drugs are stimulants and the brain just gets used to it. ADHD is going to be a real disease when there’s going to be a procedure or a set of tests for it. Right now you have ADHD , when a “professional” tells you that you have it.

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