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ADHD Insights: Picky Eaters Outed Video


Picky eaters often suffer with IgG issuesPicky Eaters Often Go Through Life In Complete Denial

The mothers of every picky eater, unless they exist in complete denial themselves, often intuitively know that their kids suffer a significant stomach, significant gastrointestinal malady – that’s biologically based. My opinion?  The mothers are right, most of the time.

They know it’s not mental, they know it’s not “psychiatric,” because the child often simply arrived with that picky eater problem. Picky eating showed up early in childhood – in spite of every mother’s loving attempts to keep the child properly nourished. Picky presented as pre-verbal and even in the most loving, considerate parenting context.

Yes, some picky eaters result from parents who remain too soft on discipline, but in my experience the psychological parenting contribution remains remarkably uncommon. More often a careful look at the biology of the parents as outlined in this video will underline the IgG genetic contributions.

Take A Look At This Video


Biological Considerations Break The Denial

But, on the other hand, picky eaters almost always demonstrate mental, psychiatric issues, and quite often those issues fall under the diagnostic rubric of ADHD. They suffer attentional issues, and by the way, the ADHD medications almost always work exceedingly unpredictably…. but you already knew that. Those medications that work for everyone else so predictably, cause weight loss, serious appetite disturbances, and big emotional reactions, even in small doses.

Often the treatment team throws up their hands and says: “We simply can’t get those meds right, we can’t do any more than this.” Enter Intuniv, the medication purported to fix kids with ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder [one of my least favorite, most imprecise diagnostic labels]. But even our non-stimulant Intuniv doesn’t work if the picky eating arises, as is often the case, from food immunity, food sensitivity issues.

Take a look at this brief video –  far too superficial for the entire complexity of picky eating – but it does cover one frequently observed, measurable contributory factor seen quite commonly in our offices, everyday: IgG allergens corrupting both the stomach and the gut.

See what you think: Duration only 3:16 min.



Do drop a note below to weigh in on this one – especially if you’ve seen food sensitivities related in your personal experience


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