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ADHD Insights: Short Acting Stimulants

ADHD Stimulant Medications Need More Special Attention

Yes, you’ve heard it before here: Too many aren’t paying attention to the meds for paying attention. Those Immediate Release, IR stimulant meds, need their own brand of attention as they manifest certain unpredictable variables:

  1. Excessive fluctuation during the day with peaks and valleys
  2. Abusability
  3. Unpredictability 
  4. GI upset
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Non-compliance [big!]
  7. Efforts to use IR meds all day: counterproductive! :-|

This video highlights just one of the issues for everyday consideration – get the DOE right for the specific med and absolutely don’t try to push that IR med out past noon. See what you think:

Just 1:29 min in duration – a quick study:

Drop a note below if you think this helps, and do pass it on… – just too many with IR stimulant meds live downstream from this oversight! Use the social network tools below.


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  1. “Too many aren’t paying attention to the meds for paying attention.”

    AHAHAHAHAHAH! LOOOOOOL ! Good job Dr Parker

  2. Is there a significant difference between this book and your earlier e-book, ADHD Medication Rules?

  3. Doesnt it somewhat depend on why you need the meds in the first place?
    If you do ok with everyday living and socializing but need the boost to read jornals, write theses or pay bills, aren’t there some advantages? My Dr acknowledges the reality of tolerance and the desire to use as little drugs as possible as legitimate reasons to go with the IRs…

    They are unpredictable…but so is long-acting. A lot of folks like the precision and the feeling that goes on like a light switch when it starts working…whereas the long acting can often leave you feeling like you have taken nothing…

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