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October 3, 2012
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October 5, 2012

Increasing Variables Create ADHD Problems

Reality changes and the brain works at keeping that reality organized so we humans can develop a coping strategy. ADHD creates significant problems with handling change, and often overlooked: specific changes at specific rates of change.

Variables differ, reality differs and predictability about reality differs with each different life circumstance. If your reality changes slowly enough, no problem. If your reality dumps multiple bouncing balls in your lap, even if you wanted to go into that new reality [marriage, promotion, high school, college] – you could fall apart with an ADHD perspective, and become emotionally unstable for purely cognitive reasons.

Change Mishandled Creates Self Esteem Issues

It's darn upsetting to get what you really want – then not handle it well.

I have a whole sub chapter on Those Wrecked By Success in my New ADHD Med Rules book. That new reality of success with too many new variables can drive a person challenged with EFD or ADHD  over the edge. Take a look at that post on that Success Wreckage, and you'll see I've been hitting the concept of Context and Change for many years – and too many still overlook that exceedingly important detail.

If you don't look at Context and Change, if you don't see that relevance for EFD, Executive Function, Prefrontal Cortical Disorders, you'll miss it in yourself, and others.

Change Bottom Line

Increased rapidity of change, too many variables added too quickly to an ADHD prefrontal cortex often = frozen response or impulsive response to stop the unmanageable cognitive abundance. AAD – Attention Abundance Disorder takes over and, like Lot's wife turns those with ADHD into a pillar of salt.

The slower the change, the more cognitive control over that change, the less likely the cognitive deterioration.


Two Side Notes FYI

  • Reminder: Tune in tonight for Dresser After Dark on Talk Radio – an interview that covers the real pain of not paying attention. – 7:20 PM 10-4, will be recorded on Blog Talk Radio

Have a great day!

Dr Charles Parker
Author: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense

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  1. Eva Lampe says:

    There is something about the way you write that prevents me for paying attention :S

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