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October 26, 2012
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October 31, 2012

ADHD Medications, Details MatterCHADD Offer

Short post here with a win-win offer for any CHADD group, anywhere – yes, I'm on a mission.  Far too many are lost at sea, confused about where they are with ADHD meds. We need a serious fix on our various medication positions. See the recently revised pdf below.

If you suffer with ADHD you do know that multiple problems regularly arise with ADHD medications – and it's not your doc's fault. ADHD meds and their sample coupons simply don't come with customized directions from pharma. Yet, without specific, scientifically based protocols, the dosage and targeting strategy – even weekend compliance – is completely up for grabs, globally.

What, then, should concerned folks do? Let's talk solutions.


Let's get together and discuss ADHD medications in more detail, and answer your local questions with years of well researched answers.

For Detailed Navigation – Evidence Matters 


I'm sending along in this missive with a PR pdf of Radio Interview Testimonials and Details used to prepare radio hosts for scheduled interviews. Yeah, it's a little promotional, but there's a reason I'm sending it out: I would love to beam in – right there into your CHADD meeting, anywhere, for a presentation on answers to these questions – no charge.

No promo, just 2 New Rules gift books for your attendees, and my understandings about these multiple problems, with solutions that will work… Skype, FaceTime, or GoToWebinar, your call. Yes, no charge – anywhere – because I write in the early AM: on the West Coast no later than 6 pm start time for your evening meeting. Remember I worked in addiction medicine for more than 15 years and wrote the book Deep Recovery, and am exceedingly familiar with sensitivities about any promotional efforts at CHADD meetings.


All you have to do is follow the details on this CHADD Speaker Series Admin pdf, designed explicitly for providing a helpful presentation on the latest and most important information on ADHD meds for your team and your audience in your home town. Let's work together to grow you local influence and participation.

If you don't know me take a look at this essential video on ADHD, OCD and Anxiety – over 16,000 YouTube hits because it covers the most frequently missed subset in ADHD diagnosis.


My view: the public will ultimately change the ADHD Medication process. I wrote New ADHD Medication Rulesfor the public, and hope they read New Rules,  then give it to some of their docs.  We can then all work together to improve ADHD medical care.

Connection links in the CHADD Speaker pdf, – give Tiffany a call when you review the details, and we can address your chapter's needs. Let's do it. 😉


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