ADHD Insights: Medications – ADHD Expo 2012 Video

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October 19, 2012
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October 22, 2012

Training With ADHD Experts: ADHD Expo 2012

Thanks Tara McGillicuddy, ADHD Coach and maven-host for the ADHD Expo in 2012 – a free [just sign up and tour the details at this Expo Link] collection of video comments from Skype recordings  by some of the most forward thinking ADHD Experts in the country. Yes, you read that right, free for just signing up. You can hang out there with these multiple ADHD Expo luminaries, many of whom summarize significant helpful suggestions in just a few video moments.


– don't take this next video of mine as exemplary. I didn't call in my extensive make up team, as usual need something done with my hair, and just found my nose was itching way too much, and the computer, yes, – was on my lap. Feel free to offer advice on any level here!

Authentic is the key take away from the many excellent ADHD Expo vid comments. Most importantly, the ADHD Recovery info from these multiple mentors will significantly contribute to your advanced thinking about what-to-do-next for ADHD self-management.

Chime In Below On Either What I Say Here Or How I Say It – 14:18 min

Looking forward to your comments!

Do take advantage of this super group of trainers! Thanks Tara!


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  1. […] ADHD Insights: Medications – ADHD Expo 2012 Video […]

  2. […] ADHD Insights: Medications – ADHD Expo 2012 Video […]

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