ADHD Insights: Measure Transit Time

ADHD Insights: GI Transit Time
October 5, 2012
ADHD Insights: Short Acting Stimulants
October 8, 2012

Transit Time Details More Fully Explained

Small intestine, Transit Time, Transit Time Tool, Metabolic Challenges

Small intestine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the previous post left you sore from laughing so hard, catch a deep breath, have a cold drink of water, buckle up, and check out the Transit Time Details here in this video. Details matter. Biomedical details, specific easily available details can, with Transit Time measurement, spell the difference between success and treatment failure.

In a word: ADHD medications simply will not work in a predictable manner.

If bowel activities are corrupted you can find more details at this more comprehensive GI YouTube playlist on Gastrointestinal function and the causes of the Transit challenges here:


GI Timing Regularly Corrupts Both Brain Function
and Medication Response

The Expected Time: Currently the expected Transit Time is under considerable debate: some say 18-24 H, some 12-18 H, some say 12-24 H. I rounded it out to cover the sweep of times: 12- 24 H. Do the Galileo thing and measure.

Consider this brief video, then leave a comment, and download that PDF here below, or at YouTube, for exploratory, useful and clinically relevant information. Immunity matters. Immunity issues change bowel function.


4:24 min Duration – Download Details in PDF Below



Transit Time Instructions Now – Text Message

Text: 33444 – Then Type In: TRANSIT

I'll send it to you immediately.


Or Download Transit Time Tool in PDF Here



Download Transit Time PDF


Give it a try – see what you think!

Dr Charles Parker
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