ADHD Insights: IgG Denial Video

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October 29, 2012
ADHD Insights: Picky Eaters Outed Video
November 1, 2012

IgG Denial Simply Means Missing An Opportunity For Improvement

This 3:23 min video breaks down the challenges faced if you miss the boat on more precise evidence considerations for those who just don't get well easily and quickly with standard ADHD medical care.

Standard care, traditional care does not concern itself with Transit Time or IgG measurements, and it's time for this concern to find it's way into daily practice. See what you think…


I have an entire chapter in New ADHD Medication Rules in common sense English for street use in your own recovery if you show any of these issues.

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  4. Cora B says:

    Dr Parker,

    I would like to try the transit time test on my seven-year-old daughter. Since she won’t eat corn, I want to use the charcoal capsules. What dosage of capsules do you recommend for children?

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