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September 30, 2012
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October 2, 2012

Tissue Mineral Analysis Revealing Compared To Blood

Why look beyond blood for biomedical answers? For cellular assessment consider these notes from Malter, R on TMA, Tissue Mineral Analysis – blood only provides one dimension of answers.

Blood remains outside the cells and tissues in a healthy body. …it's inside the cells that the body's energy is produced. Minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and copper play an important role in the production of energy on a cellular, tissue level.

Noteworthy is the fact that minerals involved in cellular production of energy may appear normal in the blood. However, these essential minerals might be significantly deficient or out of balance within the cells or tissues.

Blood is homeostatic. Blood remains balanced at the expense of cellular and tissue reserves. Potassium and magnesium may be lost on a cellular level while remaining normal on a blood level. We've seen those numbers in the office.

Blood analysis, though helpful, is a late indicator of health problems. For example, muscle twitches, muscle soreness, painful cramps, hypoglycemia, diabetes, anxiety and panic reactions are all symptoms of magnesium deficiency that can be corrected if measured adequately and early.

TMA, tissue mineral analysis, provides earlier answers on trace element imbalances that significantly effect enzyme systems relevant to hormone levels such as adrenal and estrogen, and neurotransmitter levels that modify effective thinking and feeling processes.

More clinical reports coming soon on trace element imbalances measured and corrected at CorePsych with TMA for those refractory to multiple attempts at traditional medical/psychiatric interventions. Coming soon: a psychotic adolescent woman refractory to multiple interventions, dramatic improvement with identification of Copper Toxicity, and correction – she's going to college vs staying home thinking about killing herself.

Yes, it's controversial, – but no false claims here, no heroics, no TMA for major illness, just attempting to chase down additional answers… and results reveal significant positive outcomes.


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  1. Vivian says:

    Im trying to help my brother who sadly has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia – his antipsychotic has helped the florid delusions and positive symptoms but he is idle, aimless and has no motivation.

    Are there any useful alternative / functional interventions that you use for your ADHD patients that could assist in lifting these horrible negative symptoms that have zapped my brothers personality?

    • Vivian,
      I am admittedly biased for further information whatever the condition. I’ve seen, quite surprisingly for me, serious hallucinations and mood disorder clear up when we discovered the underlying biomedical causes. I’m not asserting that a turn around will happen, but for the cost it’s well worth the trial/exploration.

      Testing types with prices on this pdf:, – and details on consults here:

      Stimulants are not contraindicated, but must be used carefully as, more often than not, marked sensitivity to medication is associated.

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