ADHD Insights: Attention Talk Video With Jeff Copper

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October 17, 2012
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October 19, 2012

Jeff Copper Interview: ADHD Medication Metabolism On Attention Talk Video

This short interview [14:39 min] with Jeff Copper from Dig Coaching and Attention Talk Radio, is his first, and our first shot together at taking our conversations to the video format. I bet you'll get a kick out of our fun here together. We're talking in this short video about Chapter 6 on Medication Metabolism and Burn Rates in New ADHD Medication Rules.

I've so much enjoyed the conversations with Jeff [e.g. our Attention Talk Radio show on ADHD Meds] – we're both on the same mission of spreading the word about best science, treatments and fresh understandings regarding ADHD. You'll likely also appreciate, for example, Jeff's excellent interview with Dr Russell Barkley on Executive Function Disorder.

I strongly recommend you go over to his Attention Talk Radio show site and sign up so receive updates for the terrific guests he has over there, including many of the most serious national experts on ADHD matters. Then while you're at it also subscribe to Attention Talk Video at YouTube for updates there as well.

It's great working with you Jeff, thanks for the opportunity to take our delightful conversations to this different level!

Enjoy: Chapter 6 – New ADHD Medication Rules on Metabolism

Drop a comment here regarding this interview, or if you would like us to cover any of your specific questions in future presentations – and do forward this to your social networks so they can join in the fun!


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  1. Jeff Copper says:

    Dr. Parker… thanks for posting the blog and the mention… you are the star! It is easy to interview someone like you with such good material!

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