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August 28, 2012
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September 3, 2012

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1. SPECT Brain Imaging – The Controversy and the Benefit

If you wonder about ADHD, if you know someone, and likely you do, that thinks ADHD is a “belief system” encouraged by big pharma, listen up. Do spend some time, as I have since 2003, understanding the implications of SPECT imaging, and your appreciation of the real ability to measure brain function will significantly improve.

Global ADHD challenges loom way beyond the marketing of big pharma, and live on the streets of your home town every day. Undiagnosed ADHD leads to considerable pain, even death, internationally, and it’s high time we got off of our own personal “disbelief systems” and took a look at available brain evidence – and SPECT is only one of many ways we can actually see the brain function. Evidence is what it is.

Brain Function Matters

MRI, CAT and simple X-ray pictures of the brain only provide static pictures – better than no picture at all, but insufficient to see brain function. After you become familiar with any functional brain imaging [e.g. fMRI, SPECT], you will understand the fresh functional evidence that invites serious change from Neo-Freudian passivity, into decisive biomedical action in offices around the world.

Key point: Brain SPECT scans do show brain function evidence, but SPECT is not the only functional measurement tool. In these next pages I’ll share details based on science that will take the conversation deeper than the current Diagnostic Statistical Manual [DSM] diagnosis by appearances. Hyperactive, Inattentive and Combined provide useful diagnostic considerations – if you don’t have a clue what your doing, the DSM a good place to start.

The Controversy

Some say brain imaging through SPECT is the only way to make an effective ADHD diagnosis. As you know from my many CorePsych Blog posts, that word “only” rubs me the wrong way. The problem with brain imaging isn’t the validity of the evidence, but the cost. At 3500$ in today’s economy, many wish they could see their brain and figure out what to do next. If cost is an issue: multiple other, more cost effective options can provide even more specific answers.

ADHD Insights At CorePsych Blog

Stay tuned here for these ADHD Insights – brief postings that offer specific answers on evolved diagnosis and treatment strategies.  Through these short spots we hope to encourage the larger dialogue that must take place globally to move past the many well meaning, but often short sighted practices. Many seek to help those who suffer with ADHD, but may contribute to insufficient attention regarding the essential biomedically based ADHD recovery details. Without those details, highlighted in these next 90 days, ADHD targets remain discouraging and imprecise.


PS: I’ll be away from the computer for a few days, so replies to comments will be delayed. Family in town from California!


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  4. ADHDADDENTP says:

    Does insurance cover the SPECT testing?

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    Thank you so much for giving light to many problems we haven’t come across before using your blog.I’m glad I found your article. I just featured it on my blog today! Love, love, love it! Good info.

    thanks for you.

    • Thanks, I write about SPECT quite often, included much on SPECT in my fresh edition in paperback: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense available for pre-publication discount at these digital stores: – Daniel knows who I am, I worked for him for 4 years and opened the DC office years ago.

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