ADHD Insights: Stuckness, Change and Denial

September 18, 2012
ADHD Insights: IgG, Immunoglobulins Matter
September 20, 2012

After Storm

ADHD Progress: Denial Creates Stuckness

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

Prefrontal Cortex Dysfunction

Prefrontal cortical slowing, prefrontal cortical shutdown in denial, simply dances around reality. Denial, quite simply, is avoidance.

Avoidance perpetuates the possibility that when the storm does come, you will find yourself seriously wet. Reality has a way of reminding you that you, yourself, must face it. It will rain on your parade if you don't examine predictable weather.

Avoidance is encouraged by untreated, unrecognized, ADHD in denial.

Brain science advances discourage avoidance. DSM 4/5 labels encourage avoidance and denial – as they promote imprecision and thoughtless, imprecise ADHD medical care.

Those in denial simply can't deal with the complexity of the new brain science, and love reductionisitic, psychological thinking vs the new biological thinking.


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