ADHD Insights – Diagnosis By Appearances

ADHD Global: Inadequate Targets Render Inadequate Care 

No wonder other countries of the world aren’t sure what to do about ADHD treatment: They can easily assess our ADHD treatment patterns, and they don’t look accurate, even from casual observation – so why permit those drugs in their country? ADHD treatment research based on appearances is simply that, a codification on the accuracy of meds for those appearances.

We’re not looking at the science, at human beings, we’re still looking at superficial assessments based upon guessing at the implications of behaviors.

Most of the global misunderstandings are based upon the Social Construct Theory of ADHD –  briefly summarized from the naysayers: “it’s not a medical problem is the way kids are raised.” Biology is ignored – psychology reigns.

I don’t have the details together to report every country’s view, but I can tell you with considerable certainty that Europe and Australia, as informed contemporary societies and global regions, regularly reveal an exceedingly limited appreciation of the diagnosis and treatment for ADHD. Their best time release meds are Concerta, and they rely, as do far too many uninformed USA medical professionals, on outdated, abusable short acting stimulants. Many more medical professionals in those countries don’t understand ADHD diagnostic and treatment basics.

Just ask an international attendee at our large USA conferences – from CHADD, to the Autism Research Institute meetings – they will quickly tell you their level of medical care without hesitation. ADHD understanding, recognition and treatment is a serious global problem.

Uncertainty About The Science: Based On Diagnosis By Appearances

As long as we think human beings can be measured simply by reviewing their actions; as long as we ignore basic information about brain function and avoid biomedical assessments based on the biology of brain function, ADHD will remain a mystery.

For the moment superficial criteria prevail, but stay tuned for more ADHD Insights, the times they are a changin.’


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