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July 28, 2012
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August 19, 2012

Mayo ClinicADHD Insights – Accountability Matters

In September I'll begin sending out a serious series of daily short posts on the actual predictability of ADHD medications – posts that will create far more accountability with medical management. Since the science is there, you will have a detailed blueprint for using it – delivered right to your personal machine, every day.

Hey team, you already know I've been writing about ADHD diagnosis and med management for 6 years now. I took that SPECT brain evidence from my experience doing neuroimaging in DC, and since then set out to tell you,  the public, how, with just a few more details, we could improve our ADHD medication partnerships with our respective medical teams, globally.

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Interestingly, our topics here at CorePsych Blog parallel what's going on at such prestigious places as the Mayo Clinic. Accountability and personalized medicine, indeed participatory medicine is where, thankfully, we're headed. Why? Because the remarkable new neuroscience technology and the Internet are taking us away from labels, appearances, speculation and cookie cutter med strategies based upon guesswork, commoditization, and stats, vs. those people, those human beings, in the office.

Dr. Nicholas LaRusso, Center for Innovation – Mayo Clinic

Only 1.50 min, see how the innovative Dr LaRusso feels about this important patient care topic.

Please forward this post so we can encourage any of your coaching, counseling troops to sign up for the forthcoming series on ADHD Insights.

And do take a moment to cruise around my new website, – I especially like the page with the bookstores already carrying pre-orders for ADHD Medication Rules. [And, besides the deerstalker there, check out the very cool Dr. de Bono quotes.

Thanks, stay cool, those autumn leaves are just around the corner! 😎

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