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August 19, 2012
ADHD Insights: Glia Matters
August 28, 2012

Darwins second voyage - wikipedia

ADHD Maps: Updates Scheduled Here At CorePsych Blog

For hundreds of years exploration and discovery required the best maps, the clear markers of the geography, the actual territory… not so with ADHD. With ADHD diagnosis mind biology remains, far too often, completely disregarded. Current diagnostic efforts sometimes look at biology, just a little bit, but not regularly, and not often. It's just not the standard of care, yet.

On the value of maps: Just read about Charles Darwin, and see how worried they were about understanding where they were going. Great reading.

ADHD Is New Territory

So often those suffering with ADHD feel lost, too often completely abandoned, by the medical establishment who too often continue to throw diagnostic labels around based upon the most superficial observations – a standard set by the outdated Diagnostic Manual.

With improved information, outcomes become more predictable.


Expect 90 short posts in 90 days – let's see if I can knock out these biomedical details without going-on too much. Short and pithy, yes. My coalescence role models: Traditional and functional/systems medicine, with references, meets Seth Godin, to discuss the complexity of ADHD. Seth keeps his posts targeted and practical.


ADHD Insights: Updates Start Next Sunday

I've already mentioned this voluminous reporting on the current ADHD confusion earlier – but this is more specific rundown of the plan:

Sundays: ADHD: Measuring Brain Details
– 13 Different weekly posts on Sundays that address, briefly, current challenges with brain measurements, pointing to future measures that work and wont break the bank to get a good biomedical review. So why are the Neo-Freudians not listening already? I'm going to start by jumping off the high dive on the deep end of the pool: D2D genetic testing for neurotransmitter receptor polymorphisms.

Mondays: ADHD: Neurotransmitter Balance Tips
– 13 Different weekly Monday postings about the controversy on neurotransmitter measurements, with links to the adversaries. Remember Mondays, this stuff is hot, and the future of psychiatry and ADHD. Am I opinionated about this stuff? – yes, because it works remarkably consistently.

Tuesdays: ADHD: News: Global Insights
– 13 Different views from around the world on ADHD treatment. With consultant activities in various countries I will tell you some hairy details about trying to treat ADHD in Asia, and what others think of us over there. Let's get into a world view readers… the USA is not the only nation with ADHD issues – this is basic. And BTW, many who read CorePsych Blog do live all over the globe.

Wednesdays: ADHD: Transitions, Relationships and Change
– 13 Different postings on cognitive function and relationships. Remember I was writing about the Lone Ranger in 1992 dealing with Recovering Drug Addicts and Alcoholics. Remember the simple fact that almost everyone thinks character and personality, Axis II problems are not biological. Simply amazing in 2012! Psychoanalysis, that's the trick, yeah πŸ™„ . Change and transition, readers, is the bigger trick 😎 .

Thursdays: ADHD: Brain And Body Immunity
– 13 Different, far too few, postings on some of the most urgent matters facing ADHD diagnosis. Again, I'm opinionated and experienced with these matters… immunity testing only works if you have an awareness that the problems exist. Immunity concerns address far more complications than one might guess from the innocence of denial.

Fridays: ADHD: Trace Elements Balance Details
– 13 Different very cool posts on the relevance of trace element testing associated with heavy metals. I have some remarkable clinical turn arounds to tell you about that will work wherever you live. Trace elements and heavy metals directly effect brain function and gliotransmitters – stay tuned for the next Glial post Tuesday 8-28, at 6:15 AM with more details.

Saturdays: ADHD: Nutrition And Environment
– 13 Different posts on one of the hottest topics that hooks trace elements, my new favorite book on, you heard it first here πŸ˜‰ , glial cells, immunity issues, ion channels, and facilitation of synaptic neurotransmission: The Book – The Other Brain by Douglas Fields. If you have even a passing interest in the new brain info, this one is mandatory. I listen to The Other Brain from on the way to & from work.

Please Post This Agenda – Tweet, Google+ and FaceBook
– So others can get in on the fun. These posts will include full contact, no pads – just the way ADHD is if you search that puzzling territory with people in the office – without maps. Ouch! Like this ↓ and pass it on! πŸ˜‰


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