ADHD Insights – The Top 7 Hot Brain Topics

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July 1, 2012
Mind Revisions – Rethinking Thinking
July 28, 2012

ADHD Insights: The 7 Hottest Brain Function Topics

Yes, readers, we're sweating through one of the longest and hottest summers in memory, but, chin up, the fall can't be far behind. Fresh, remarkable neuroscience information delivered in audio format that will improve ADHD medical treatment. By riding the trail with me here at CorePsych we plan a very deep effort to keep you, your family, and your professional workplace even more informed about ‘cool' biomedical advances.
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Chance favors the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur

Prepare – Audio Reports For Summer Listening

I'm deftly moving away from my previous deep, 8-900 word tomes for quick summer reads, for a speedy, hot updates. These audio missives will continue up into the fall – all on the subject of overlooked biomedical details regarding ADHD.  Plan on short, digestible doses, carefully titrated if you think about it  😉 ,  on the following subjects on each day of the week. Check out this outline, and pick the day you want to specially watch for…

  1. ADHD: Measuring Brain Details – Sun
  2. ADHD: Neurotransmitter Balance Tips – Mon
  3. ADHD: News: Global Insights – Tues
  4. ADHD: Transitions, Relationships and Change – Wed
  5. ADHD: Brain And Body Immunity – Thu
  6. ADHD: Trace Elements Balance Details – Fri
  7. ADHD: Nutrition And Environment – Sat

Tell your friends, prepare to forward the updates, as these links will take you places we all need to go… a kind of travelogue of the mind. Coming soon, so heads up.

Where? Blog Talk Radio: ADHD Meds | Straight Talk

And stay tuned for upcoming Blog Talk Radio, short shows about 20 min so you can listen on the way to work. Subscribe or bookmark for easy access.



 Busy and unusually hot down here in Va Beach! Be Cool… 😎

Dr Charles Parker
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  1. Michael Franklin says:

    First of all i want to say that as a mental health expert i really like it that people are getting more and more aware of ADHD disorder, and this is really hopeful that everybody is doing so much efforts.
    Secondly, with continuous research in this filed, we will soon be able to find the permanent solution of this problem.


    • Dr Charles Parker says:

      Thanks for weighing in… ADHD is a far greater problem than we currently appreciate. Partly because we don’t really use brain science to diagnose it, and don’t adequately consider precise treatment strategies. So what’s the issue with ADHD management? Simple: Diagnosis and Treatment. Stay tuned!

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