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Special Needs Children – Psychiatric Meds Need Attention

Special Needs At The Coffee Klatch

Special Needs Children Are Just That – Special

Most noteworthy: those children with ADHD symptoms on the surface, with a biomedical background set of challenges with special needs. So many children fit this difficult set of circumstances, and so often their underlying biology, their associated biomedical hurdles simply go unrecognized.

You’ve heard it here many times before – meds without a clear biomedical diagnosis, without understanding the immune, endocrine, metabolic issues that so often complicate the surface special needs presentation, simply will not work predictably.

And the worst of the worst: this process of medical misunderstandings can last a lifetime. Let’s work together to correct these issues by keeping up with the latest brain and body biomedical insights.

The Coffee Klatch Initiative

Marianne Russo over at The Coffee Klatch  provides exceedingly interesting and useful audio reviews for parents with children troubled by a number of issues, from autism to ADHD. Her programs are straightforward, thoughtful, and drive right to the heart of the fact that we simply aren’t paying attention to many of the functional details present in these kids.

In this recent Coffee Klatch Blog Talk Radio Program on November 27 we discussed specific details so often seen with psychiatric meds – and these problems exist not only here in the USA, but internationally. Marianne’s excellent Coffee Klatch programs reach that international audience.

Thanks Marianne

Listen to this Special Needs Medications program in the player below, it’s about an hour-long, so get a cup of coffee in the morning, and turn on these medical details. Marianne’s questions help clarify in practical terms the multiple medical challenges we see in our psychiatric offices everyday.


Listen to internet radio with The Coffee Klatch on Blog Talk Radio

Thanks Marianne, – and thanks to you for listening here.

Do drop a note here if you would like some further answers for your own specific questions. And if you find this program valuable please forward it on Facebook, RT on Twitter, or click your favorite social media below to get the word out. An informed public will ultimately help correct these widespread biomedical oversights.

Neuroscience evidence does change thinking.


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