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The ADHD Public Needs Some Direct Answers

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Last night Jeff Copper and I reviewed some essential topics on Attention Talk Radio that are often overlooked – why we have so much ambiguity with ADHD diagnosis and treatment, and how to turn that ambiguity into questions you need to ask your medical team.

The Burning Medical Team Question:

Do they actually know enough about ADHD diagnosis and stimulant meds to treat you correctly? Here are some easy remarks to help you answer that question for yourself – and don’t forget the short pdf download here on the 5 Key Questions to Select An ADHD Medical Professional.

Tune In To Last Night’s Interview

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Hope you enjoy! Please drop a note here or over there if you have any questions or comments… – We should all be paying more attention to the ADHD medication details.

- > And this is the iTunes link for the Attention Talk Radio shows if interested in more good interviews and podcast downloads.


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