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October 16, 2011
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October 23, 2011

Let's Play Some Oakland Athletics Baseball With ADHD

ADHD Treatment And Baseball Come Together

Brad and Jonah Hit The Process

No, as many residents used to tell me at Fulton State Hospital in 1963, I'm not crazy. MONEYBALL, the movie, is, beneath the surface, a brain game-changer, – a different perspective for the whole family – especially if you're stuck with simplistic labels, repetitive content,  “maybe” games, and can't dig deeper into the real process of observation. The women in our crowd just loved this what-looked-on-the-outside-like-a-guy movie.

MONEYBALL Signals A Game Changer: Data Matters

So you think that line about medical game-changing sounds crazy, then do go see the MONEYBALL movie this next weekend – and no, I'm not deep buddies with Brad Pitt or Jonah Hill! No, you can't pay me for this stuff. And, further, you can't make it up – this baseball story is just the ticket for our mutual next steps treating ADHD. Just think about it. Evidence, data, does matter – sound familiar?

Brain medicine is changing, baseball appears to be changing, and I, for one, welcome the fresh perspective of simply sticking with hard data, real evidence, and thereby changing the game. Yep, you've been reading about it here for years, and now Sony Pictures made a movie that ties several important games together… baseball, entertainment, message, family, values, and, if you're paying attention, good medicine, – all tied up in one super flick. In the end, MONEYBALL is really a family movie about what happens with not-thinking.

My Favorite Line

You can almost catch the full MONEYBALL message in this brief Pitt trailer remark – just tune in at 2:12 min:  “If we win with this team…” – check it out.


If it isn't loading on your machine, just pop over here and click over to 2:12 min for the punch line… yeah!

Thanks Sony, thanks Brad et al, good job guys, – and right outta the park. – Sometimes it takes a REAL game to change the game.


  1. Scott Hutson says:

    Dr.P, I watched the trailer and I see your point. And the fact is still true that “Evidence, data, does matter”….

  2. monya says:

    This is a great example of the importance and useability of research data – very key to figuring out things and predicting behavior.

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