ADHD Medication Rules Launch At Amazon

ADHD Medication Rules: Amazon Digital Launch
August 15, 2011
Rules In Digital: Now At Amazon
September 1, 2011

Join the Gala Now: ADHD Medication Rules Launch on Sept 1 At Amazon

ADHD Medication Rules | Amazon Launch

ADHD Medication Rules | Amazon Launch

The ADHD Medication Rules bon voyage is Amazon Big and you, my friends are all invited! And, BTW, everyone who bought the Rules first edition will be given both: 1. this second edition, and 2. a free pass to Med Rules in Action, below, for their early support – Thanks guys! ūüėČ

And please also invite all of your friends to the biggest give-away gala we have had in the almost 5 years I've been writing out the ADHD details at CorePsych Blog. For them: just hit the Share buttons below –

…So, just what is “all this fun” about? In a word: prizes, my friend.

Door Prizes For the Rules Launch:

See the easy details below to be one of the five selected to win This Set of Three very cool Prizes [five selected winners will each win these three goodies – and will be announced Sept 1 the day of the Amazon Launch]:

  1. Your own rare, state-of-the-art Photo Multiplier Tube – PMT [original value $800] – actually the guts of SPECT Gamma Camera.¬† None of your friends has one of these! Gamma rays from the brain are amplified and sent thru many PMTs into the computer and become the basis for a visual SPECT brain image. SPECT has changed our thinking about ADHD. Brain evidence matters. Full details on just-how-the-PMT-works will come with your PMT. I carried two around in my pockets for awhile – the camera-tech guys got a big kick out of my enthusiasm, and offered me a plastic pocket protector. ūüėé PMTs are very cool, – the picture below doesn't cover the PMT bling-coolness. Looks like my hand was shaking when I took it!
  2. Your own personal copy of ADHD Medication Rules in whichever digital protocol you prefer: landscape or Kindle.
  3. Your own Free Pass to Med Rules in Action – Success Strategies for ADHD Treatment. Med Rules in Action will be offered as a 4 Hr Webinar in the fall, in the privacy of your own home or office. That webinar will come to your machine with the videos of each presentation to download for your reference over time – and you don't have to show up to receive all of the presentations because they will be archived for you. Stay tuned, hope to get that one ready by mid September.

Yes, I do want this fresh Rules launch to create a buzz, thus wrote about here at CorePsych Blog last week, and hope to engage you, dear reader, in the process of moving forward beyond the categorical thinking, the static, one-dimensional counterproductive ADHD labels, and the absolute non-science so prevalent with ADHD diagnosis and treatment today. ADHD medication problems are not a joke.

Will it take even more ADHD treatment catastrophes to wake up those experts suffering with outdated institutional thinking? Let's step up to that plate together and spread the word right now – in this next week. Time is short.

Photo Multiplier Tube From SPECT Gamma Camera

Your PMT


How To Enter The Drawing: Must Be Done By August 31, Midnight

You have 2 ways to get your name listed for our digital selector to chose your number from the numbers on the comments list on this blog post:

Comment Here: On This Post Below 
Either of These Two Ways Will Put You On The Radar, – Both Comments Count

1. Simply leave a comment below indicating what interesting ADHD topic you would like me to review and post on at CorePsych Blog. Your comment/request will count as one entry into the drawing, – only one comment per reader. I'll appreciate any suggestions! That's all it takes for one entry!

2. Send out a Tweet on Twitter with the following copy: | @DrCharlesParker gives away ADHD Med Rules, Gamma Camera Stuff, & ADD training @ #CorePsych Blog #ADHD #neuroscience | [- this is 137  characters and the link will shorten] Then make sure you leave a comment with your twitter handle here, so we can verify. Twitter folk will get a kick out of this one Рno sweat, piece of cake.

Do take a moment to connect, – either connection can work for you. I do look forward to sending out those PMT tubes, they've been wearing a hole in my pocket… ūüėČ

Jump on this soon, it's over August 31…

So let's hit this running – take a few minutes and get your score stacked up with all 5 shots, pass this on to your list, blog about it, post it, leave your note here… back to you soon – hope I can send a winning set out to you! – We can be cool together! ūüėé



  1. luminsmith says:

    ADHD symptoms in toddlers are somewhat difficult to diagnose as being indicative of the disorder given the fact that all toddlers are inattentive, easily distracted, hyperactive, etc.

  2. Jbaker says:

    I am learning so much from your blog and office notes on chinch! I’d like to have the following addressed:

    1.The role that hormones play in metal health- especially for woman
    2. How often patients actually comply when diet sensitivities are found
    3. Cognitive abundance, specifically if it is always best treated with a stimulant /antidepressant combo.
    4. What populations do well on just a stimulant? Just an antidepressant? What percentage of your patients do well with just one med?
    5. Can low does lithium (over the counter) help heal a brain?
    6. Is Saint Johns Wort safe to combine with a stimulant med?
    7. The role puberty plays in med titration (if any)
    8. How often do you see patients have success with just supplements?

  3. DanuteK says:

    Can you say anything about the new neurological technologies that offer either binaural wave entrainment, vibroacoustic therapies (Olav Skille), or both, which are touted to help change the EEG brain patterns for ADD/ADHD patients, thus alleviating the symptoms in much less invasive ways than psychotropic meds?

  4. I think it would be totally rad to have that gamma camera gadget to add to my collection of nerdy T-shirts, books, gadgets and what not. What do you think Dr. Parker? ūüôā

  5. Shlomo Freedman says:

    “Inattentive ADHD”, “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo” — Dr Parker, you have written that when it comes to medications and treating ADHD generally descriptive labels don’t serve us, but I’d like to know if “Thinking ADD” maps to Inattentive ADHD, and if you consider Thinking ADD without motor hyperactivity as true ADD, with the “hyperactivity” being mental rather than physical.

  6. Kate Olson says:

    How can a parent differentiate between a spirited child and a child with behavioral issues that need intervention?  When do I know it is time to have my child evaluated?

  7. Heather Potting says:

    I would like to know how to know when is the right time to consider medications vs. supplements

  8. Joe Ailts says:

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Elizabeth Grainger says:

    Quick and easy tips and tricks [sans pills and pharmaceutical potents] for soothing and/or sparking a overstimulated and/or sluggish ADHD brain… We know about protein breakfasts but what else? Also, what are ways we can help educate others who scoff at this new era of thinking/testing/healing? THANKS!!! ūüôā

  10. Dr. Parker,
    I have discussed this issue briefly with you, Russell Barkley, Gina Para, Dr. Quinn, and others but I am very concerned and worried.¬† Where are the we going to get Geriatric ADHD care by doctors who have training in this area?¬† I am now 56 and I have a year to year ok from my insurance company for my Concerta now.¬† This started two years ago.¬† My psych told me that if and when the time comes that I have a heart issue that he will no longer prescribe my Concerta.¬† I was diagnosed at 40 and I NEVER want to go back to that life ever.¬† A very close friend who is now 73 was diagnosed when he was 69 has the quality of life he once enjoyed because the doctor refused to prescribe him Concerta any longer.¬† He maintains it is because of his age and the liability.¬† So here is my question again…..what will happen to the ever increasing population of baby boomers who are being diagnosed with ADHD when we get into out 60s and our insurance no longer wants us to be on Concerta, or our doctors don’t want to incur the liability?¬† Or simply where will we find doctors who have the experience to treat us at all?
    Thank you,

  11. Johbillie says:

    I would love to see you address the issue of co-morbidities, anxiety/phobia’s in particular. I just posted the twitter link @johbillie¬† ūüôā

  12. Jennifer says:

    As a spouse of a recently diagnosed ADHD person I would like to know more about the heredity and gender factor with ADHD. I can see it plain as day between my husband and his father, but I don’t believe I am seeing it manifest in our daughters. Makes me VERY curious to know more.

  13. PJH says:

    Dr. Parker
    I have a couple of ideas. What about¬† a. Untreated ADHD and how certain other meds can exacerbate ADHD symptoms..for example a friend of mine was taking metoprolol and his already challenged ability to refrain from blurting out whatever he happened to be thinking, was sorely overtaxed. Caused some problems…some laughs… and he said in a strange way it was a little liberating (but career limiting). b. more on the tricky treatment¬†for folks with Both ADHD and PTSD and how they are related neurologically.¬†c. I know something firsthand¬†about¬†electric field research and RF research (cell phones , radar, etc) and am also interested to hear your take on things.
    The PMT looks totally cool….I hope I am one of the lucky 5….

  14. Lizzbird says:

    Please enter me in the contest.  Would like to know how to treat someone who is refusing meds.  Bad experience from most and is very hesitant to take any at all.  Are their homeopathic or natural ways to deal with this?  Maybe acupuncture?  One interview with a psychiatrist enough to administer drugs to someone they just met? 

  15. Ppod says:

    Dr. Parker,
    I would like you to discuss the biology¬† of meds versus the psychological aspect of the brain…..for example – meds can do such and such and will only go so far – but then you have the other half psych. – as a man thinks in his heart – so he is.

  16. What are your thoughts about how psychologists and other mental health practitioners¬†might go about effectively¬†engaging/collaborating/teaming up with psychiatrists for the benfit of our mutual patients.¬† Not to speak for all psychiatrists –¬†but from your experience, what sort of qualities and actions do you look for, what do you like?¬† What makes you happy and confident that your non-medical colleague is an asset to the patient’s treatment?

  17. dz says:

    Can’t wait to see the re-launched version of. . . “The Rules”!
    Topics of interest; 1) alpha-2 receptors (A,B,C) and their role in ADD/ADHD treatment 2) Anything on newly identified genes or gene mutations associated with ADD/ADHD  3) How executive functioning may play into ADD/ADHD and other psychiatric disorders

  18. Anitar711 says:

    How to help someone with ADHD get on the right medicine?

  19. julie eskeli says:

    How will I know if my ADHD is real or just another symptom of my PTST?  Julie E.

  20. Gschill1602 says:

    Dr Parker, I would like more information on the difference on why meds seem to be more succesfull for adhd types copared to inattentive or sct types. Is it neurotransmitters, gut sensitivities, yeast, or something else. Great blog!!

  21. Jonathan says:

    I’d like to know more about why it is that a person roughly around the age of 25 or 26 is finally able to deal with ADHD symptoms a little better. I’ve read a little about it and recently just experienced it, although, I’m still very here, there, back here again, over there, on the other side, back here again, and over there. I scribble all over my paper in between lectures, all while my legs are dancing under my desk all day long so that I don’t fall into that ‘out of it’ state of being, which is very comfortable in social situations. Sarcasm.¬†

  22. Ann says:

    Can you tell me what I can expect when someone forgets to take their ADHD medicine?

  23. Ann says:

    What are the side effects that I can expect to deal with when someone does not take their ADHD medicine?

  24. Lorreann says:

    Dr. Parker, please post your comments on what you feel/or know about the role electromagnetic fields play in ADHD. Is it possible that ADHD may be more prevalent because of all the electronic devices children come in contact with, and in place of connecting and playing with others outdoors like we adults did as children. Is there any science on this theory?

  25. Sapphyre says:

    Actually, that post is 144 characters, so I’ve tried to include as much of it as I can… I had to remove “and ” to get it to fit. “@DrCharlesParker gives away ADHD Med Rules, Photo Multiplier Tubes, training at #CorePsych Blog #ADHD #neuroscience”

    I’d also like a post about ADHD and multiple comorbid conditions – for example, ADHD, chronic pain, and depression/anxiety. As you can guess it’s hard enough to treat one of these conditions by itself, add in the other two and you get almost no progress as they really all need to be treated at the same time.

  26. Cresaps says:

    Dr. Parker, I’d love a copy of your book! I topics I’d like to hear your thoughts on: 1)Nuerofeedack 2) When ADHD is comorbid with PDD-NOS, how does that change the treatment picture.

  27. Krist S. says:

    This contest sounds amazing… just like your blog! So much good information. Any ADHD¬†information is always helpful and also¬†Vyvanse info. Thank you!

  28. Rich says:

    So enjoy your website. Would like to see more on use of these drugs in pre-school aged children. Thanks

  29. Dr Nico says:

    Just tweeted..awesome contest!
    Dr. David Nico

    @DrCharlesParker gives away ADHD Med Rules, Photo Multiplier Tubes, and training at #CorePsych Blog #ADHD #neuroscience

    1 minute ago

  30. Juls says:

    Add me to the contest.
    I would like to see blog posts about  (1) coming off of medications and (2) more on cognitive anxiety (and how to treat it) .

  31. Jeremy Swetzoff says:

    How about making available a printed hardcopy of your book ?   More dicussion about working remotely  wit patients and  in conjunction with other doctors.

  32. […] th&#1077 rest here: ADHD Tablets Rules – Prizes F&#959r Th&#1077 Amazon Book Launch … Share It: Hide […]

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