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July 28, 2009
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August 3, 2009
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SPECT Image Interpretation Requires More Than A Good Read

This will be a short note just keeping you posted on yet another project I am involved in: Brain School 101 is a 1hr 45min training DVD – basic training for what to expect with SPECT imaging for those considering SPECT evaluation, and for professionals who want more answers before they dive in to the process of using advanced brain evidence for challenging presentations.

The reason to make a DVD? – Pictures are worth a thousand words.

SPECT image results can become quite complicated without a foundation of understanding – why and how. For a full day on the details with CEU and CME, remember The Impulsive Brain in Norfolk, Oct 16.

I recorded this training when I presented for LifeBridge Diagnostics in Melbourne FL last fall. LifeBridge has is one of the few medical centers on the East Coast that uses SPECT Diagnostic imaging for complex psychiatric evaluations. I've worked occasionally as a consultant with LifeBridge since they opened, and can report that their staff provides excellent service, and sets a standard for personalized patient care. [No ongoing financial arrangements here, just a clean recommendation – they offer much more than a typical nuclear med SPECT reading – their SPECT  consultant is a nuclear medicine expert trained by Amen.]

This video reviews but a small portion of brain imaging – the history and basics – for one of their many community training sessions – the audience is mental health referral sources, LPCs, LCSWs PhDs and marital counselors.

But remember, Brain School 101 answers SPECT brain starter questions for anyone at any level. Even the camera man said he learned a great deal about brain function and diagnostic issues, – and he had no previous personal interest in brain activities. My mission remains the same: Hard science communicated at the street level.

I'll have a short video segment for the blog soon – stay tuned.


Don’t forget the National Virtual ADHD Conference coming in October!

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