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August 3, 2009
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September 6, 2009
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Increased Availability with CorePsych Radio Programs

Heads up for many more CorePsych Radio program choices – only problem: program choice is 52 Pick Up… This quick list can be printed and saved, as for the next 5+ months I will be taking a break from the intensity of the prep work, notification blogging and for the live show. The folks at My Expert Solutions have a software that will rotate programs – automatically. More shows, regrettably less organization.

To Do List: Pick your best time to listen, show up on the link over at CorePsych Radio Page, listen for which program, download the handout, and get ready for your surprise program.

I  may set up an occasional live show in the meantime, and will blog that prep info before the show. These new live shows will always be aired at the New Live CorePsych Radio time: Tuesday 5 PM ET & 2 PM PT. [You will note that we have added some different times for our English speaking audiences in England and Australia.]

New Pre-Recorded Program Time Choices:

Mon:   7 PM EDT – 4 PM PDT
Tue:    4 PM EDT – 1PM PDT
Wed:   9 PM EDT – 6 PM PDT
Thu:    4 PM EDT – 1PM PDT
Fri:      10 PM EDT – 7 PM PDT
Sat:      6 AM EDT – 3 AM PDT
Sun:     2 PM EDT – 11 AM PDT

Thanks for listening!


Don’t forget the National Virtual ADHD Conference coming in October!

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  1. work at home says:

    I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work

  2. Ted says:

    Hi!, I have compiled a list of the top adhd blogs, and yours was included! check it out at

    You can claim your link badge at

    • Ted,
      Many thanks for including CorePsych Blog with your excellent list of blogs over at The Daily Reviewer . You have an comprehensive resource over there, and I strongly encourage our readers to spend some time with the other ADHD blogs you have pulled together.

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