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April 26, 2009
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May 5, 2009
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ADHD Medications Simply Will Not Work as Well Without Breakfast in the Morning

Protein for breakfast as a treatment consideration for ADHD may sound completely boring, a waste of time and energy, – but I am here to tell you, in detail, protein is a profound secret of medication success. And with ADHD, protein breakfast is even more completely essential if you won't be using meds.

At our regular CorePsych Radio Program on Thursday 4PM EDT, 1PDT the science of breakfast, the real meaning of breakfast, from neurotransmitter precursors, – to how to make it work for your picky eaters – is on the agenda.

This isn't the first time we have talked about breakfast. Two previous posts covered the subject of Why Breakfast Protein and How to Protein Breakfast, both with an emphasis on that all important protein.

The full agenda will be on the CorePsych Radio page for download soon,

See ya there!


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  1. Josh says:

    Oops… Catecholamines decrease insulin secretion so, therefore, cause hyperglycemia as opposed to hypo-. The net effect is still, generally, the same though… low GI carbs keep blood sugar levels stable while dopaminergic drugs have the effect of toying with blood sugar levels unfavorably.

    • Josh,
      Gotcha on the point of clarification. Observed in the office are the mood swings and emotional reactions to high glycemic, pop tart breakfasts – no doubt. I do have to read more on these matters, appreciate your refs, and I think you were right on both comments: the problem is both the rise in blood glucose and the rapid fall. Some love to hit the glucose just for the high, the brain fix, and then travel downstream to Type II diabetes – all on the fix for ADD – Take a look at this excellent article by my colleague Gina Pera on this subject: Can ADHD Make You Fat?

  2. Josh says:

    Not only the obvious effects on ADD but breakfast is generally a good idea. There is plenty of research available showing that breakfast (compared against no breakfast) supports attention, concentration, memory, and academic performance (PubMed ID: 18948652… just one example I could quickly pull up).

    One trick I like to employ is consuming a low GI carb source along with breakfast (Ezekiel Brand bread works great for this… thanks for the recommendation years ago, doc!). I do this because the d-amphetamine I take everyday triggers the release of plenty of catecholamines. These catecholamines have the effect of triggering insulin release which, in turn, drives blood sugar levels lower. Eating a low GI carb source will keep blood sugar levels stable for long throughout the day… or, at least, until lunch.

    I also came across these studies recently which very directly highlight the fact that healthy diet = better response to dopaminergics:
    PubMed ID: 19045945
    PubMed ID: 18652823

    • Josh,
      These are excellent remarks, and adding the science on the carb chaser is really helpful. I appreciate the PubMed refs and will have to run over there this weekend.
      Your insight, interest in the breakfast matter, and this great info will help others who see those regular dips you describe.

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