ADHD: The Therapeutic Window via Indiana and NYC

ADHD Medications: Use The Therapeutic Window – CorePsych Radio
April 22, 2009
ADHD Medications: Protein for Breakfast on CorePsych Radio
May 4, 2009

With this Window It Wasn't Any ADHD, It Was The Server… screen-capture
– and it wasn't Therapeutic.

As Paul Harvey used to say: “-and… now for the rest of the story”

Events in Radio Land and Fort Wayne

Monday I recorded the CorePsych Radio Therapeutic Window Piece, – all set for playing 4PM Thursday afternoon, whilst I was on a plane headed to Fort Wayne, IN. Fri I gave a full day presentation on brain and body evidence, diagnosis and the new medications, for Park Center, a three county mental health community interested to stay current with the latest in office applications from new brain science. Evidenced: ADHD, Depression, Bipolar and Anxiety. > This is the first slide from that program.

Excellent group, much fun, with many positive connections – starting with landing in the Fort Wayne airport – named by USA Today as one of the “Friendliest Airports in the US.

Notes on Airport Excellence:

Fort Wayne Customer Service

Fort Wayne Customer Service

Pictured here are two of the famous ‘meeters and greeters,' who daily welcome every single person who flies into Fort Wayne, with a smile, cookies and Good Hoosier Cheer.  Helen and Jean, to be exact – with two cookie baskets. Thanks ladies, great fun chatting.

Well, the talk went very well I am told, but late that afternoon I ran to the airport to catch a plane for a meeting in NYC Brief aside: Now picture this part: Sunny farm lands of Indiana, to almost midnight in Times Square, – reality changes.

Incidentally, I Ran Into Some Luminaries:
In NYC I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with two of the world's leading experts on ADHD: Dr Russell Barkley author of ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says. – and, in addition, Amy Arnsten PhD, one of the leading neurophysiologists in the world who discussed the cellular functions of the prefrontal cortex . Much fun, – an abundance of fresh information is arriving from new cellular research. More on this topic later…

Problem and Solution
Underway, I found a tweet that indicated the ‘radio problem' – the recorded program from Monday did not play on Thursday. Apparently the server crashed and after some messing around, Michael in Utah spun up the previous ADHD and Depression program, Program #6 for a partial CorePsych Radio..

The Window remains closed. A fix is planned:

Easy Fix:
Will rerun the ADHD Medications and the Therapeutic Window this week on Thursday at 4 PM EDT: Outline: Download for that program here.

See ya there Thursday,

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