AD/HD Pediatricians & the Therapeutic Window: They Love It

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October 28, 2008
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November 1, 2008

Brief Missive From the AD/HD Front Lines:
Short note this AM after a late night – out for dinner at the almost-Tyson's-Corner-digs of Short Pump Mall in Richmond VA.

The pediatricians who see kids with AD/HD came out last night for a presentation on the nuances of Vyvanse Titration – I have told you before that I speak for Shire, and the reason is simple: I find Vyvanse so effective. It's a Duration of Effectiveness thing – standing right inside the Therapeutic Window.

Pediatricians in Richmond, as everywhere else I have presented, sign off quickly on the value of titration of stimulant meds, of Vyvanse in particular, because they love the science, they love 'metabolic individuality' issues, and they love the medical implications of asking the Number Two, the PoopMeister…  yes, the bowel frequency question.

If you don't ask, you don't know about the easy indicators for metabolic preparedness. Number 2 will tell you about body system that feeds the brain system – yes they are hooked up!

Most of all they loved all the details about how the Basic Therapeutic Window connected with the PoopMeister haps. Stay tuned and watch

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