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Gluten Sensitivity Beacons: Head, Face and Teeth

Brain function diminished by gluten sensitive enteropathy – considered on any level – requires a full appreciation of the obvious facial features that walk into our consulting rooms.  We can often see nutritionally based brain dysfunction shining from that unhappy face like a searchlight even before the pointed questions begin.

Take a look at this Celiac Disease guy, then imagine that his head     Appearances

is just about 10-20% bigger.  Look for the head bobbing on a frail frame. Yes, don’t forget to look at his swollen abdomen, but some of these kids and adults often show in the face and teeth. This subject came up in previous post here on The Williams Syndrome. Take a look at the video on that post, look at her face and her mouth, and see what you think.

And by the way, they don’t have to look this obvious. I work with a very cute, socialite [“sosh”] adolescent girl, – looks like a cheerleader, short, but high energy and plays volleyball. She is so attractive and so engaging in her conversation, it’s easy to not look at her facial/head shape.

But her friends at school call her “bubble head,”  and, BTW, no one has asked her about bowel function, – and she goes *maybe 2X/week.* She is short, does not have a noticeable belly, but that head is bobbing all the time. Her energy and grooming will throw you off, as it did me for some visits.

Take a look at these other more obvious examples, and take a look at this important book:

Before we see these pictures, just drill over to Amazon and take a look at this must-have-it-right-now book on this subject: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price – it is a classic. – And a big thanks to Camille, our CorePsych nutritionist, for that super recommendation!

Let’s take a couple of quick looks at the mouth and teeth [check out this abstract on teeth] referenced in the gluten free forum and in Head and Face Medicine. Even braces can’t cover these problems if we simply register on them by looking:

Then take a look at the lips with the RAS [Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers] so often found in gluten sensitive enteropathy.
Many do not show the facial features so abundantly as these references, but these facial/head features will drive you to the more decisive questions and the necessary laboratory work. -Chase down the evidence!

Remember: Lab Corp is only looking for Celiac! They don’t measure for “gluten sensitivity” to my knowledge, so many come up *normal.* In the meantime I use Enterolab linked over in my Resources on this page.

Wow that was a lot of info, but isn’t it interesting?

Next post, soon, will cover more on Vyvanse and the nuances of real metabolic issues with stimulant meds.

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  1. Zdravko,
    Take a look at this page with multiple references and some good stuff on immune dysfunction:

    then simply go to SEARCH here on this blog, and type in gluten, so many links you will be there all day!

    Best of luck – and don’t forget, the simple way is simply do an elimination diet – books here:


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