Insulin Resistance: Metabolic Syndrome Essentials

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August 24, 2007
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September 17, 2007

These are program notes for an audio program over at CorePsychPodcast. -Keeping the audio programs over there.

The term Insulin Resistance at first sounds too technical, but in
the end is one of the most pervasive and under appreciated hormone
disorders. It can make you depressed, and/or can simply kill you. Insulinfood1_2

In this podcast Nat Jones, RPh, our compounding pharmacist
consultant, and I discuss how insulin resistance effects so many
medical and psychiatric problems. We share basic ways to address the
problem in any office before the need for diabetic meds. Insulin
resistance accompanies so many of the hormone dysregulations we see

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • What is insulin resistance [IR]
  • How does it relate to hormone measurement
  • How it relates to bioidentical hormone treatment
  • What hormone dysregulations are often associated with insulin resistance
  • What are high glycemic index foods – with a glycemic food reference list here
  • How we can use specific laboratory indicators for early identification
  • Specific books to read to understand IR and correct it – I recommend Mark Hyman's book on UltraMetabolism, and Diana Schwarzbein's book: The Schwarzbein Principle II

One other book not mentioned in the program, but an important
reference on the question of hormones and cancer, a topic we did
discuss, is the book by John Lee MD – one of those responsible for the
Women's Health Initiative: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer

The topic for the next program: Andropause: Male Menopause – measurement and safe correction without just throwing testosterone at it.

This program: 31 min duration
-and has the same excellent energy as our previous Nat interviews.


  1. Connie Myers says:

    very informative post.thanks for sharing.

    Connie Myers

  2. Eleanor,
    Interesting site loaded with information about supplements and food changes that support balance hormonal functioning.

  3. eleanor says:

    I recently came across this site ( ) which features an article on the so-called “Fertility Diet.” It includes eating foods high in unsaturated fat, protein (from vegetables), iron, and high-fat dairy foods. It’s also supposed to contribute to those who have poor blood sugar control due to insulin resistance. Some examples the article gives of food that promote fertility in women are canola oils, veggie proteins (tempeh, tofu) butter, cheese, legumes, and meats! I’d say it’s a pretty good alternative to taking medications!

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